As described on our About Page, The Republican Briefs is a private newsletter. How can it be private if the content is here on a public website? We started years ago with a purely email based delivery sent from a personal email account.

Times have changed and it became more efficient to post everything here on the web (beginning in 2012), reserving the email newsletter for a brief note telling our subscribers that the website had been updated…

For example:

The August 6, 2018 Republican Briefs are posted.

That’s it (with a link back here to the website so you can read the daily issue and with instructions on how to subscribe or unsubscribe).

If you want to receive (or stop receiving) a short and simple email like this (almost) every day please contact the publisher, John Strasser via the Contact Page and ask him to add you to the distribution list (currently several thousand people). There is also a “unsubscribe link” at the bottom of the email.

You read that correctly. We made a deliberate decision to keep our subscription/unsubscription process manual – no automated sign up forms.

Any other questions feel free to ask.

Updated: 11 Sept. 2023