Submission Guidelines


If you wish to send us something for printing print please be sure to send your submission ONLY to If you send it to ANY other email address we assume it’s a private message NOT for publication.

Please understand the following:

  • Everything sent in is subject to editing
  • Briefs does not post candidate endorsements, nor do we participate in any candidate campaigns.
  • Nobody is guaranteed publication. Republican Briefs determines, at it’s own discretion when anything will be published, or even if it will be published at all.
  • No Affiliate links

Everything you send in MUST include the following (for verification & my questions ONLY):

  1. Your (real) Name
  2. Your Email (not for publication)
  3. Your Phone Number (not for publication)
News Tips and Articles
  • Word limit – 300 words
  • Attachments are allowed
Letters To The Editor
  • Word limit – 300 words
  • Attachments are allowed
  • YOU MUST be an email subscriber to the newsletter
  • Unsigned letters will not be posted
Group or activity photos, please identify people, left to right. Explain what they are doing. Please identify who owns the photo if not you (include their contact info)
Calendar Events
  • Email Subject Line: Calendar Submission
  • TEXT ONLY: No pictures, No Word Processing docs; No attachments; No pdf files; just text — HINT: just copy this bullet list and paste it in your email
  • Name of person/organization sponsoring the event
  • Website of person/organization sponsoring the event (optional – but it helps)
  • Time and date of event
  • Location and Address
  • Cost
  • Contact person – name, phone or e-mail. (WILL be published)
  • A way to RSVP if not already included in the above info
  • Short (!) description: (50 words MAX) Is the event a meeting, fundraiser, candidate forum, dinner, BBQ or other? Speaker name, title, and topic.
  • Please note: Adding the “stuff” email address to your group newsletter does NOT count for the calendar!

Finally please remember, this is a free service run by volunteers. Make it easy for us. The easier you make it so we can do this, the better we can help YOU get your message out.

Updated: 19 Sept. 2023