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City of Flagstaff Blocks Local Firearms Dealer from Advertising
As reported by the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) the Flagstaff City Council has decided that they need to support the New Mexico Tyrant-er-Governor in banning guns. Only in this case they’re starting small – by banning a local shop from advertising in the airport. Apparently pictures of happy customers holding firearms and an instructor working with a student at their indoor range “depicts violence.” Obviously the folks in Flag believe that burning down a police station is a “mostly peaceful” protest. This also caught the attention of some AZ State representatives. Arizona State Representatives David Marshall (R-Snowflake). Leo Biasiucci (R-Lake Havasu), and Quang Nguyen (R-Prescott) warned the draft policy “raises a host of constitutional concerns, including viewpoint discrimination, and very likely violates state law,” According to The Arizona Sun Times the draft policy will be revised. Briefs will be following the story.
Fountain Hill Republican Club
This Saturday, September 16th the club will hold a forum on the topic of the Bond to be on the November 7 election which will be a mail-in only ballot. Dr. Cain Jagodzinski, Superintendent FHUSD, will give a brief facts only presentation about the bond issue followed by 15 minute presentations both For and Against the bond issue. The against-the-bond side will be represented by speaker(s) from “Reclaim or Town”. The pro-bond side will be represented by speaker(s) from the “Yes for FH Students” PAC. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A period. As usual, the meeting will start at 9 am with the Social/Registration period starting at 8:30 in the FH Community Center.
Heirs Of The Republic
On Tuesday, September 26th will be meeting to hear a presentation from Jeff Utsch on “The real causes of the Civil War, Lincoln’s reasons to save the union, and why it’s applicable to today. ” The meeting will be at the Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center in Tucson. Start time is 6:30pm. Website:
Pima County Republican Club
Will meet on Tuesday, September 19th at 11:30am. They meet at the Kettle Restaurant 748 W Star Pass Blvd (I-10 & 22nd St northwest corner). The speaker will be Vince Leach, candidate for LD17 Senator
Arizona Senate Committee Rejects Gov. Hobbs’ Nominee
The Arizona Sun Times is reporting that the AZ Senate is rejecting the nomination of Joan Serviss to run the Arizona Department of Housing for …get this…plagiarism. And here Briefs thought that pretty much everyone (well, everyone other than Joe Biden) learned plagiarism is bad by 3rd grade or so. From the information presented at the hearing, it appears that Ms. Serviss was acting as the human version of a twitter bot.
Republican Women of Wickenburg
RWOW will be hosting a “Republican Roundup” on Friday Oct 6th. US Senate candidate Sheriff Mark Lamb and AZ Rep Austin Smith will be there. More information can be found on their website:
Applications Being Accepted for Vacancy on Coconino County Superior Court
Applications are being accepted for a vacancy on the Superior Court in Coconino County created by the retirement of Hon. Dan Slayton. The Coconino County Commission on Trial Court Appointments will review applications, interview selected applicants, and recommend at least three nominees for the vacancy to Gov. Katie Hobbs, who will appoint the new judge. The most current judicial application form can be downloaded at the Judicial Department website: Applications may also be obtained from the Administrative Office of the Courts, Human Resources Department, 1501 W. Washington, Suite 221, Phoenix, by calling 602-452-3311, or by sending an email request to Applicants must be at least 30 years of age, of good moral character, admitted to the practice of law in and a resident of Arizona for the past five years, and a resident of Coconino County for the past year. The application is due by 3 p.m. on Oct. 13, 2023
Contact: Emma Morgan Phone: 602-452-3130
City of Maricopa Republican Club
Sept. 23rd, Saturday @10am. Guest Speakers: Pinal County Treasurer Michael P. McCord, AZ GOP 2nd Vice-Chairman, Nathan Jackson and Pinal County Attorney Candidate Brad Miller – Stagestop Marketplace/Calvary Church – 44301 West Maricopa – Casa Grande Highway, City of Maricopa – Contact:


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Stephen Richer, Maricopa County Recorder
Regarding Mr. Sorenson’s question in the September 11, 2023 edition of the Briefs [9-11-23 Briefs] concerning the November 7, 2023 jurisdictional elections: The format of the jurisdictional elections is at the discretion of the jurisdiction. All jurisdictions have elected to conduct “all mail” elections for a number of years. This means all eligible voters will receive a ballot by mail. You can still, however, show up to a voting location in person and either drop off your mail ballot, or you can get a new ballot printed and mark it at the voting location. If you have any questions, please contact us at, and please visit our website (Elections.Maricopa.Gov). Thank you Mr. Sorenson!
Tom Platt, PC – LD27
Just think, every single Republican in the Arizona Legislature voted this year (2023) in favor of HCR 2039, which if adopted by the residents of Arizona on the next ballot, would give the Governor of our state the constitutional authority to call a state of emergency whenever they want. Now imagine instead of the New Mexico Governor who called a state of emergency last week, which suspends laws that allow open and concealed carry of firearms for 30 days, imagine it was our current Governor, Katie Hobbs who used her emergency powers to suspend open and concealed carry. That my friends is the constitutional authority that HCR 2039 will give the Arizona governor. The Republicans will tell you that the Governor already has that authority but they don’t. All current laws pertaining to the governor’s emergency powers are unconstitutional. The Republicans want to make these emergency powers constitutional which would allow a governor to be a dictator. They will tell you HCR 2039 will put limitations on the governor’s emergency powers but the truth is the Governor has no constitutional emergency powers now. If HCR 2039 passes, it will be very harmful to our state.
Stephen Sivigliano
They must be jumping for glee—–but why? The big jump in gas prices, and food, etc. After all, isn’t it all being caused by the “global warming crisis?” If a frog jumped and killed a lynx, it’s “global warming!” If a car gets a flat tire after driving over broken glass, it’s global warming! But who is jumping for glee? Climate change lunatics, dumbocrats, plus rino Trump-hating republican hypocrites. So, what else is new?
Randy Miller
This week we celebrate our constitution, starting September 17th. Usually, there are events around the state for this purpose. However, as I read posts on our political pages for various LD’s in Facebook and others sites, and see the actions taken and words spoken by our own party, I find it troubling that we are about to celebrate the constitution while so very few even know it. Government doesn’t follow it and the people aren’t aware it happens. What are we celebrating? If we want to honor it, do so by learning it and enforcing it. For those that claim they know it, stop supporting actions that clearly aren’t allowed by it. This makes it difficult to believe in a professed understanding.

Hold our elected representatives accountable for not following it and stripping rights from the people. Make the effort to know what you want to do, why you can do it, and be able to articulate this while speaking to the uninformed, which we are in abundance. Otherwise, we are wasting time. Now, we are fighting amongst ourselves, and losing the war – out of ignorance. It’s like watching Curly being poked in the eye by Moe while Larry laughs then being slapped by Moe just for being there doing nothing. Problem is, Moe has no more idea what he is doing than the other two. And we wonder why the “party” loses members and has those that disengage. We are our own worst enemy.

Jack and Lesie Podplesky
Per Michal Ann Joyner’s post in Briefs 9-7-23 Have you ever pondered that maybe the reason so many ballots have not been returned is because of the lack of viability of the candidates? When Prior AZGOP leader Kelly Ward skewed the Governor debate and endorsed Kari Lake prior to the primary along with a whole slew of other issues. Some of us don’t believe in the lessor of the two evils theory, especially when the candidate line up is so weak
Allen Skillicorn, Fountain Hills Councilman
The State of Arizona has made the collection of sales tax on long-term housing illegal with a new law that takes effect in January of 2025.

The idea that communities would tax housing is absurd and it is a tax that has long needed to be abolished. The elimination of the tax will have an impact on Fountain Hills’ bottom line but instead of wringing our hands, we should be looking at ways to get ahead of surrounding communities.

If we remove the tax early, we can attract more people to our community looking to save money on their rentals. The tax will be banned anyway in 2025. Why not get a head start and ban the tax early and aggressively work to attract more people to our community?

The truth is increasing our population will have a far greater impact on our economy and our community’s tax revenue than the funds we receive from the tax on long-term rentals. Eliminating this tax early will give our community an edge in competing with other communities for new residents, new businesses, and new opportunities.

Eliminating the tax early would be a bold move but it would show our commitment to investing in people and growing our economy. We have an opportunity to display real leadership. The question is – will we take it, or will we be like every other community in Arizona and squeeze every last dollar we can out of this arcane tax while we are legally able to do so and leave our community completely unprepared for life after the Regressive Rental Tax?

The Regressive Rental Tax is going away in 2025. We would be wise to eliminate the tax early and make our community a destination for new residents and new jobs and opportunities. The time to prepare for the future is now.

Thomas Reiner: State Committeeman
The Pendulum and the Pit (with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe)

The purpose here is neither to support nor condemn President Trump as America enters into yet another contentious Presidential Election cycle. Instead, Americans need to realize that an almost unthinkable pit is looming that can engulf and destroy us. What will throw us into that Pit is a swinging Pendulum, sharper, beholden to no one and more dangerous than any Star Wars Death Star ever devised. That Pendulum is already under construction and most people are blind to its very existence.

Politics is increasingly becoming more than a blood sport. All election campaigns allege that the opposing candidate is a poo poo head or worse. That is normal. But something very dangerous is happening this time. The current Party in power is exercising the full force of the FBI, DOJ, and local DAs to persecute President Trump in perfectly timed indictments to prevent him from running from office. The prosecution is rushing to schedule trial dates to coincide with major primaries and the General Election itself. The Washington DC jail is full of January 6 prisoners who languish there because the claim is that there are not enough lawyers and the court schedules are full. No matter whether you heap adulations towards President Trump as being better than sliced bread or wish to eviscerate him on a televised PPV event, or anything in between, something seems amiss. A total of 91 felony allegations spread across four separate indictments have been served against him…so far. This has never happened in American history and there is growing substantial evidence that the indictments are born out of political desire for vengeance and willingness to subvert laws from misdemeanors to felonies.

All of these questionable charges could have been levied two years ago but politicized prosecutors have waited until the Presidential Campaign. One trial will occur one day before Super Tuesday. Politics and hatred are the motive behind this obvious election interference. Look at the sardonic, almost vampiric sneer on the face of Fani Willis invoking the RICO Act on 19 defendants. Look at the arrogant, bloated face of Alvin Bragg as he fails to prosecute anarchists, looters and common criminals but charges Trump with misdemeanors disguised as felonies. Look at the almost AI blank visage of Jack Smith who stands in as a robot for Merrick Garland. Look at the preposterous Florida indictment of Trump Constitutionally possessing documents while ignoring the illegal theft of similar documents by President Biden. Don’t let blind hate blind you. You are not being asked to love President Trump. You are implored to rekindle your love of America… and true justice.

One sided justice will eventually produce a double edged mindless and vengeful pendulum. Once placed in unstoppable motion, that pendulum will swing away from the direction of whichever Party which is currently in power to cut political opponents. This is a hallmark of tyrannical and dictatorial societies where citizens are cowed into remaining silent. That pendulum is slowly starting in motion if we don’t stop it. Whoosh … indict President Trump … whoosh … adios President Biden … whoosh … sayonara Kevin McCarthy … whoosh … later alligator Chuck Schumer … whoosh … bye bye Jim Jordan … whoosh … back and forth until finally… whoosh … up next to bat: YOU and whomever subscribes to your beliefs. We will all be thrown headless into the Pit because no one is safe once justice is no longer blind. Learn from history because all revolutions with the exception of the American Revolution, eventually literally beat and eat their own citizenry on either side. It is only a matter of time for this to occur in America if there only exists an apathetic people full of contempt in their heart.

The only cure is free and fair elections which is the soul of America. It might already be too late.
Editor’s Note: Obviously this is more than 300 words. — JS


I’m starting the calendar off fully closed for today’s issue. More to highlight the feature than anything else. You can just click on the little triangle next to the month (or even the month itself) and that section of the calendar will just drop down. Click on it again and it will roll back up. — JS

September 2023 Calendar

Sept. 14 – UNITED PATRIOTS AZ: 7:00 pm at Burke Basic School located at 131 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210. Free admission and refreshments provided. Speakers: Kelly Cooper (Candidate for U.S. Congress (CD4) & Shelby Busch (MCRC 1st Vice Chair). Contact:

Sept. 14 – AZ FREE ENTERPRISE CLUB Citizen Lobbyist Class in Tucson: 8:30AM – 2:30PM; St. Philip’s in the Hills Episcopal Church 4440 N. Campbell Tucson, AZ 85718; Learn how to maximize your impact on the legislative process and also other local matters such as school boards, council meetings, or at the county level by becoming an effective “citizen lobbyist.” When you become a “citizen lobbyist” you will have the knowledge and skills to make a difference on the issues you care about most! Let’s advance freedom and conservative values together! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Sept. 16 – RINCON REPUBLICANS SPEAK: 11:30 am; event starts at NOON; Serial Grillers, 7585 S Houghton Rd, Tucson. UPDATE: Due to a scheduling conflict, Kevin Thompson of the Arizona Corporation Commission has been rescheduled for October. Rene Lopez, 2024 Republican candidate for the ACC, will be speaking about his campaign and what he sees as challenges he will be facing as an ACC Commissioner, and his plan for protecting taxpayers. Contact: or 520-405-9995.

Sept. 16 – ARIZONA FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN REGION VII: Breakfast & Borders Discussion. Doors & Breakfast Buffet at 9am. Event begins at 9:30 am. Speakers: Representative Tim Dunn, Art Del Cueto, and Ret. Det. Heidi Chance; Topic: The Border and Trafficking – An in-depth look into what is happening at the border, how it is impacting the local communities, and how you can help! Location: Arizona Broadway Theater, 7701 W. Paradise Lane, Peoria, AZ 85382; Tickets – $32+CC Fees per Person ; RSVP Due by 9/11/2023 at Questions – Email Jamie Kelly at

SEPT. 16 – STANDING UP FOR LIFE EVENT: (Babies Deserve a Choice too!) 4p – 7p at UR4AZ Conference Center. 210 W. Continental, Suite 203, GV 85622. Complimentary Dinner, Kathleen Winn, Keynote Speaker along with other Pro-Life Speakers. RSVP and Contact info: Cindy Walton-Sparks phone/text 616.481.0872 or

Sept. 16 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB: 9am Fountain Hills Community Center, with the Social Period/Registration and Coffee/Breakfast snacks starting at 8:30 am The meeting will be a Forum on the FHUSD bond issue ahead of the Nov 7 election – mail in only. Dr. Jagodzinski, Superintendent FHUSD, will give a brief facts only presentation about the bond issue followed by presentations both For and Against the bond. The pro-bond side will be represented by speaker(s) from “Yes for FH Students“. The against the bond side will be represented by speaker(s) from “Reclaim our Town“. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A period.

Sept. 16 – PEBBLECREEK REPUBLICAN CLUB: 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM; Eagles Nest Clubhouse, PebbleCreek, Goodyear, AZ (map coordinates provided when signing up); Speaker: James T. Harris, Ringmaster of the Conservative Circus; Cost: $15.00 per person; Reservations Required. For reservation contact: Vicki Streeter at or phone Vicki at 951-852-2306

Sept. 16 – FOUR PEAKS YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB: Four Peaks Young Republicans is having our kick off event! This event is an Oktoberfest themed Social Hour. Join us at Bone Haus to learn more about this brand new Republicans club. 6pm. Bone Haus Brewing 14825 E Shea Blvd #101, Fountain Hills AZ. RSVP to: Contact: Hannah Toth at 602-541-7919 Social: X: @4PeaksYR, FaceBook: Four Peaks Young Republicans Club

Sept. 17 – READY FOR RON- READY TO WIN PAC: Please join the Ready for Ron- Ready to Win PAC for DeSantis Sunday event to support DeSantis’s POTUS run. The event will be on Sept 17th, 2023 at 3 pm. You MUST RSVP ( Location will be given upon RSVP) Come and purchase some food and mingle with like-minded DeSantis supporters. Be sure to RSVP to Carolyn Leff at and or 480-586-0430

Sept. 18 – LEISURE WORLD REPUBLICAN CLUB: 7:00 pm 908 S. Power Road, Mesa, AZ – please enter through the Southern Avenue and Leisure World Blvd entrance. Speakers: Tracy DuCharme with American Majority, Candidate for MCSO Jerry Sheridan and Ken Berger LD 10 Chair. 50/50 drawing and free refreshments. Candidates: call for table space. Diane Andersen 480 395-5515

Sept. 18 – PALO VERDE REPUBLICAN WOMEN LUNCHEON MEETING: 11 AM – 1:30 PM , the Pavilion at McCormick Ranch Golf Club, 7505 E. McCormick Parkway, Scottsdale. Speakers: Cindy Casaus – AzFRW President, Lori Klein Corbin – RNC National Committeewoman, and Jeff DeWit – Arizona Republican Party Chairman. To register, contact: Reservation window closes Friday, September15th at 10AM.

Sept. 19 – SUN CITY REPUBLICAN CLUB: Sun City, social time starts at 6:00 pm, meeting begins at 6:30pm. The club meets at Sundial Recreation Center East Hall.14801 N. 103rd Ave; Speakers: Arizona Free Enterprise – presenting the all important information on Rank Choice Voting/Jungle Primary and Robert Canterbury 2024 candidate for District 4 Supervisor will detail the importance of Supervisor’s position. Information or 623-815-8557

Sept. 20 – RANDY MILLER CONSTITUTION CLASSES: 6:30 pm, at the republican office in Sun City (10050 W Bell Road Sun City, AZ) At this meeting, I want to go over powers of the legislature, both state and federal as it relates to declaring a state of emergency and powers of the executive. Read Article 4, part 2, and Article 5 of the Arizona constitution for this. And of course, Article 1, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, and Article 2, clause 1 and 2. Oh, sorry, read Article 3 carefully as well. It is short, but important in 2 ways. As you’re reading Article I, of the US constitution, take notice of clause 2, and section 4. Then read Article 7, section 10 and 11 of Arizona’s constitution. Why? Our elections are in turmoil and we can’t fix them operating like democrats, on our emotions, which is what the “party” is doing. This is in reference to the MCRC passing their latest resolution to separate from government run elections. This is an open invitation to our legislators, please join us and participate. The people elected you and only our working together will solve any problems. This is our last meeting there since they are having to vacate the office. There is no cost, but donations are appreciated. Contact Randy Miller, (623) 866-3544.

Sept. 20 – PINAL COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE (District 4): 6:00 pm at Native Grill & Wings at 21164 N. John Wayne Pkwy., Maricopa, AZ 85139. Speaker: Shane Krauser (Constitutional Scholar & Candidate for Gilbert Mayor). Contact:

Sept. 21 – LD25: 6pm at Buckeye Library, Coyote Branch, 21699 W. Yuma Rd. Suite 116 in Buckeye. Get informed and participate, don’t be a spectator. Contact – Mary Park, 209 814-0144, website

Sept. 21 – AZGOP TRAININGS: AZGOP is sponsoring another Public Speaking-Media Training Class on Thursday, September 21 for Legislators and Candidates. Address is 1835 E Elliot (#102) in Tempe, Cost is $25, class is limited. Contact Jill Norgaard at for more information. All proceeds go to AZGOP.

Sept. 21 – REPUBLICAN WOMEN OF THE HILLS: 3-5 PM at Christ Church, 15555 E Bainbridge, in Fountain Hills. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and Americans for Real Change (ARC). Scot Mussi, AZ Free Enterprise Club, and Kevin Jackson, ARC, are the key speakers. Discussions will include 15 Minute Cities, how regulations will affect you, who wants you to give up your car, and how to accomplish real change. This event is free to all who would like to attend. Please RSVP to to assist in expected attendance. If you have any further questions, please email us at Republican Women of The Hills meets the third Thursday of each month from 3-5 PM, typically at the VFW in Fountain Hills. Women and men are welcome to join.

Sept. 21 – UNITED PATRIOTS AZ: 7:00 pm at Burke Basic School located at 131 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210. Free admission and refreshments provided. Speakers: Eric Hayes (Turning Point Action) & Shane Krauser (Constitutional Scholar & Candidate for Gilbert Mayor). Contact:

Sept. 22 Thru Sept. 24 – SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION: 38TH ANNUAL GUN RIGHTS POLICY CONFERENCE (GRPC); Come meet national gun rights leaders and your fellow grassroots activists at the 38th Annual GRPC. This is your once a-year chance to network and get an insider look and plan pro-gun rights strategies for the coming year. Cost: Free! Marriott Phoenix Airport 1101 North 44th St Phoenix, AZ 85008; Website and RSVP:

Sept. 22 – LINCOLN-REAGAN DINNER at the Wheelhouse. Speaker – Nick Adams. “Western Semi-formal”.

Sept. 22 – WEST VALLEY REPUBLICANS 6:00pm; Movie Night – Plandemic 3 ; Doors open at 5:30pm; 10050 W. Bell Road, Suite 50. Sun City 85351; Movie and Popcorn are free! Donations appreciated. Trailer: Contact: Cindy Newman 602-421-2236

Sept. 23 – CONSERVATIVES FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC (ConCR): Bible Baptist Church located at 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Doors open at 10:30 am, meeting to start at 11:15 am. Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association, will be speaking. Seating is limited so you must RSVP via email:

Sept. 23 – CITY OF MARICOPA REPUBLICAN CLUB 10am; Stagestop Marketplace/Calvary Church – 44301 West Maricopa – Casa Grande Highway, City of Maricopa; Guest Speakers: Pinal County Treasurer Michael P. McCord, AZ GOP 2nd Vice-Chairman, Nathan Jackson and Pinal County Attorney Candidate Brad Miller; Contact:

Sept. 25 – ANDPhx Republicans: 7-8:30pm; Desert Hills Community Church, 34835 N. 7th St., Phx 85086; Speaker: Brad Zinn will give a special presentation on Marxism in America . There will be a free gift from Mr. Zinn to each person attending. RSVP to Cathy at 623-640-2513 (text). ‘ANDPhx’ stands for Anthem/New River/Desert Hills/N Phoenix Republican Club

Sept. 27 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB: 5 pm, DC Grill,10440 N Indian Wells Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-6240. NO HOST. Happy Hour begins at 3 and ends at 6. Come socialize with fellow conservatives. Bring a friend or neighbor. Everybody is welcome. At our club’s request, DC Grill has extended their Happy Hour to 6 p.m. and will provide a special menu for us. Candidates and elected officials welcome to mingle and talk to individuals or small groups, but NO speeches. Mingle with like-minded individuals, and share good food and conversation. Come early, leave early; come late, leave late or come early and leave late. Come enjoy yourself.

Sept. 28 – Oct. 1 – NFRW 2023 Biennial Convention, Oklahoma

Sept. 29 – AMERICA PACK 6:00 pm at Reformed Living Bible Church at 6140 E. Thunderbird Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Admission: $10. Speakers: Professor Owen Anderson (Professor of Philosophy, Religious Studies, & Theology at ASU), Senator Anthony Kern (LD27 Senator & Judiciary Committee Chair), & Shane Krauser (Constitutional Scholar & Candidate for Gilbert Mayor). Contact:

Sept. 30 – FREEDOM EXPO ARIZONA 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Burke Basic School located at 131 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210. Free admission and free food. Vendor spots available for $25. Speakers: James T. Harris, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Jeff Utsch, and Shane Krauser. Information:

Sept. 30 – PACHYDERM COALITION: Tenative Speaker Congressman Eli Crane. Hosted by Sue Goodchild

October 2023 Calendar

Oct. 2 – LONDON BRIDGE REPUBLICAN WOMEN DINNER: 5PM Checkin/6PM Meeting Dinner; Shugrues Bridgeview Room; Guest Speaker is AZREP Jason Smith speaking on Ranked Choice Voting. He is also part of Turning Point USA. Reservations please contact Pam Ford at 928-486-4033 by Friday September 29 NOON. Reservations are required for attendance $25.00 Cash/Check at the door

Oct. 3 – NW MARICOPA ARIZONA REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY (AZRA): 6:30 pm., at the West Valley Republican Office, 10050 W Bell Rd, Sun City, Suite #50. Presenter is DAWN HAWKINS, CEO, National Center on Sexual Exploitation, creator of the DIRTY DOZEN LIST, with a coalition of 600+ orgs, speaking on harms of pornography, stopping sex trafficking & protecting chhildren in a digital world. Free. Contact: Lyle Tuttle

Oct. 7 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB: Saturday Get-Together 9:30 a.m., at SIPS Eatery, 16425 E Palisades Blvd. Still a No-host event. Come socialize with fellow conservatives. Bring a friend/neighbor or two or three; mingle with like-minded individuals, and share a good coffee drink and food and conversation. Everyone is welcome.

Oct. 18 – AZFRW REGION VIII HOSTS CHINA EXPERT: Nan Su, senior writer for the Epoch Times, will share his vast knowledge of China’s influence on our schools, military, media, public policy and current affairs. Details: 11AM-2PM, McCormick Ranch Golf Club, $53/person. Purchase Tickets Here:“”. Questions?:

Oct. 19-21 – ARIZONA FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN’S 2023 BIENNIAL CONVENTION will be held Oct. 19-21 at the Casino Del Sol Resort, 5655 W. Valencia Road in Tucson. Early Bird Registration $235. Early Bird Registration ends July 31

Oct. 21 – ARIZONA CITIZENS DEFENSE LEAGUE (AzCDL): The Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) Eighteenth Annual Meeting of Members will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the Tucson Marriott University Park, 880 E 2nd St, 85719 in Tucson. This meeting is open only to AzCDL members and their guests. Ticket sales will commence on August 30. Annual meeting tickets are $45 but, if you purchase by September 29, you can get them for only $40. Last minute tickets purchased after October 9 will cost you $50 so don’t delay, get your tickets now! As with all our annual meetings, the open carrying of holstered firearms is appreciated. Please make your reservations by October 13, 2023. You can still purchase tickets until October 20, but seating is not guaranteed! Tickets will not be sold at the door. Not a member? Not a problem. Click here to join AzCDL. Questions? Contact Tom at Website:

Oct. 21 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICANS ANNUAL VOTER AND CANDIDATE OUTREACH PICNIC: noon in Golden Eagle Park.  Price $17 for individual tickets, children under 10 eat free.  All Republican candidates invited. Reservations can be made at all FHRC meetings. Candidates should contact Chris Enos or other members of the club’s Victory Committee so they can get help in knowing what it takes and in running a successful campaign.

Oct. 28 – UNITED REPUBLICANS FOR ARIZONA CANDIDATE ROUND-UP 2024: The Diamond Center at Desert Diamond Casino 1100 W. Pima Mine Road, Sahuarita, Arizona. Learn more at Angie Anderson | UR4AZ Director | 520-289-9600

Oct. 28 – CONSERVATIVES FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC (ConCR): We are pleased to announce that the real Arizona Attorney General, Abe Hamadeh, will be speaking at our upcoming meeting Saturday, October 28th, at the Bible Baptist Church located at 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Doors open at 10:30 am, meeting to start at 11:15 am. ConCR is a group of conservative activists dedicated to restoring the principles and values of our representative government as set forth in the US Constitution. ConCR is a membership only organization however interested fellow conservatives are invited to attend as visitors. Seating is limited so you must RSVP via email:

November 2023 Calendar

Nov. 4 – PACHYDERM COALITION: Yavapai County New Candidates. Hosted by Sue Goodchild