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Tom Horne vs Kris Mayes
Maybe you’ve been following this story (as reported by The Arizona Daily Independent): back in July, the squatter-in-residence in the Attorney General’s Office (Kris Mayes) decided that she would do her part to try and dismantle the 2000 Proposition 203 – “English Immersion” (which passed with 63% of the vote). Prop 203 basically says all children in Arizona public schools shall be taught English by being taught in English, and all children should be placed in English language classrooms…>. Mayes stepped in and said that “50-50 Dual Language Immersion Model” programs were also acceptible; State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne disagreed, saying The Attorney General, for ideological reasons, wanted to rule in favor of the Democrat legislators who favor dual language,…This will obviously be resolved in the courts. Until that happens, the State Board will not withhold funds.

In August, Mayes doubled down by sending out “warnings”.

Which brings us to last week when Superintendent Horne filed a lawsuit against Governor Katie Hobbs and Attorney General Kris Mayes for a judicial declaration that all schools must obey a voter passed and protected initiative that English language learners must be taught in English immersion rather than dual language.

And obviously the courts will ultimately have to grind their way through things (hopefully this wasn’t filed in Mohave county). While we’re waiting on that though there may also be a faster way to get people to actually follow the law: As reported, Any parent can sue a school or district that adopts dual language without waivers, and if the parent is successful, the school board, and the superintendent, and maybe the principal must leave office and cannot apply for their offices for five years. That will be a considerable incentive for school districts not to adopt dual language without waivers

AZ Free Enterprise Club / AZ Liberty Network
Last minute events:

  1. Sept 12 6:30PM – Salvation Army NW Headquarters 17420 N. Avenue of the Arts Surprise, AZ 85378
    The AZ Free Enterprise Club and the AZ Liberty Network want to meet you in person and share with you the WOKE TRANSPORTATION agenda the radical left is trying to get in force all over our Arizona including (but not limited to) GETTING your car off the road and restricting your FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. You will learn about road diets, 15-minute cities, and how they want to tax & track your mileage. Come and enjoy a presentation by our Club staff and Kevin Jackson from ARC in Action and learn how you can HELP STOP this crazy GREEN NEW DEAL agenda in your town!
  2. Sept 13 6:30PM – Sunland Village East Auditorium 8026 E Lakeview Ave Mesa, AZ 85209
    The AZ Free Enterprise Club and the AZ Liberty Network want to meet you in person and share with you the WOKE TRANSPORTATION agenda the radical left is trying to get in force all over our Arizona including (but not limited to) GETTING your car off the road and restricting your FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. You will learn about road diets, 15-minute cities, and how they want to tax & track your mileage. Come and enjoy a presentation by our Club staff and Kevin Jackson from ARC in Action and learn how you can HELP STOP this crazy GREEN NEW DEAL agenda in your town!
Rio Colorado R.W.
Rio Colorado R.W. meeting September,12.2023 at 5pm, Elks Club, 1917 W. 32nd Street, Yuma. Speaker Dr. Bob Branch, Neil Rowe and others to discuss Election integrity. Contact: Pres.CoraLee 928 580 5575.
Frosty Wooldridge (News With Views)
Political Cartoon Satire: Hitting Painfully Funny at the Truth
Picture of a massive wall to protect homeowners along an expressway. “Since 1972 the government has built over 3,000 miles of “sound walls” along our highways to “protect nearby homeowners from traffic sounds. If the government can spend $6 billion on walls to protect the homeowners from traffic noise, why can’t it spend $5 billion on a southern border wall to protect our lives?” By Frosty Wooldridge
Grassroots Tea Party Activists of Arizona
Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show will be speaking this Wednesday (Sept. 13) at the monthly meeting. Grassroots Tea Party Activists meets at the iHop at 4201 W. Bell Rd., Phoenix, Arizona (South side of Bell Rd.). Doors open 6 pm; starts 6:30, speaker at 7 pm.
Floating Around
The Des Moines Register reports a client was in the doctor’s office getting instructions for an upcoming surgery. The nurse instructed he would not be able to shower for several days after the surgery. “Oh, that’s ok,” he said. “I once went five years without a shower.” She looked at him in disbelief and he rolled up his sleeves to show her the numbers tattooed on his arm. Editor’s Note: I can’t find the link. Soon as I do, I’ll post it. — JS


Larry Schumann received good news from Rochester. His throat cancer is in remission.
During the summer heat: Old wives tale: To mend itchy arms and legs use to lotion. To sooth chafing usE corn starch.
Erin Murphy is going to Mexico for cancer treatments not available in the US.


Community Hearing on Scottsdale’s Taxpayer-Funded Homeless Hotel Plan
House Appropriations Subcommittee on Budgetary Funding Formulas Chairman Matt Gress will hold a community hearing in Scottsdale Wednesday afternoon to examine the City’s plan to utilize housing contracts to convert hotel rooms for use as an emergency homeless shelter. It will be held at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library Auditorium (3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251) on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. The hearing is open to the media and public.
Representative Barbara R. Parker (LD10)
Like most Americans, I am absolutely appalled over the New Mexico’s governor issuance of an executive order declaring a phony “public health emergency” to justify an illegal suspension of the right of citizens to bear arms. Her order is a clear and direct violation of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The Constitution of the United States of America, including the Bill of Rights, stands as a sacred document, the foundation upon which our great nation was built.

The Second Amendment guarantees the fundamental right of every American citizen to keep and bear arms, a right enshrined to protect ourselves, our families, and our property. It is not a privilege bestowed by the government, but a God-given right that must be safeguarded and preserved.

Governor Grisham’s illegal action represents a true threat to Democracy. Equally appalling is the Arizona House Democrats’ admiring endorsement of the Democrat governor’s fascistic action to disarm citizens in her state.

Time and again, Democrats in our state reveal their shameful desire to disarm law-abiding Arizonans. I and my Republican colleagues in the legislature will prevent that from happening.

Joseph Chaplik (LD3)
There have been plenty of recent media headlines panicking over the latest COVID variant, case numbers, and calls by some for the return of mask mandates.

While some states may go in that direction, the good news is that mandates won’t be happening here in Arizona. That’s due in large part to our state adopting common-sense laws to protect against government-imposed mask mandates on private businesses and requirements that children wear masks in public schools.

In April 2021, the governor signed HB 2770 into law – a bill that I sponsored empowering businesses with the freedom to decide whether or not to observe and enforce any mask mandate imposed by government politicians from the state, county, city/town or other jurisdiction in Arizona. The next April, another bill of mine, HB 2616, was also signed into law, prohibiting school districts and local governments from requiring minors to wear a mask or face covering without parental consent. This was a victory for parents’ rights and our children’s health.

Masking mandates imposed on the public didn’t work and certainly weren’t effective at preventing the spread of COVID. Mandates were especially unnecessary for children, the least at-risk population. If an individual chooses to wear a mask, that remains their personal choice, but it should never be mandated by the government. And, thankfully, the public won’t need to contend with new mandates in Arizona because of the action we’ve taken at the state capitol.


Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (AZ-08)
U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (AZ-08) sent a letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack, requesting an update on the Canine Valley Fever Vaccine currently under review with the USDA-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

“When government clears bureaucratic hurdles in the health care industry, people, and animals, win,” said Congresswoman Lesko. “I hope that the Biden Administration does everything it can to move the Canine Valley Fever Vaccine through the review process as quickly as possible.”

Valley Fever is a fungal infection endemic to the southwestern United States contracted by breathing in fungal spores. Dogs are very susceptible to Valley Fever, and the potential of a Canine Valley Fever Vaccine would significantly reduce the number of disease cases and address areas of great clinical need. Approval of a canine vaccine would also present a significant milestone in pursuing a desperately needed human vaccine.

The Arizona Department of Health Services reports that Valley Fever remained one of the most commonly reported infectious diseases in Arizona during the pandemic and the most common non-communicable infectious disease. Recent studies show the actual incidence of Valley Fever in humans may be 33x higher due to underreporting, misdiagnosis, and visitors or newer residents in the state may not be as familiar with its symptoms.

Read the letter here.

Congressman David Schweikert (AZ-01)
Last week, my staff and I met with representatives from HonorHealth, Banner Health, The Translational Genomics Research Institute, Mayo Clinic, and AdviNow Medical to discuss the importance of emphasizing health care innovation to drive long-term solutions and transform outcomes for patients and their families.

Arizona is spearheading incredible developments focusing on the integration of high-quality research, algorithms, and other innovation in the health care field. As Arizona continues to be a leader in health care delivery and innovation, I extend my appreciation to the entire community for its efforts of expanding access to the high-quality health care you and your family deserve.

Also, this week, I’m looking at data from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics which reveals that the age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths rose more than 14% from 2020 through 2021 in the United States and that drug overdose death rates were higher in 2021 than in 2020 for all age groups 25 and over — just the latest sign of the fentanyl crisis inflicting every part of our country and wreaking havoc on our communities.


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Nancy Plencner
Over 20 Maricopa County school districts are planning School Bond elections on Nov. 7th. Check the County School Superintendent site for your district. In Fountain Hills we are having a “Special Election” it may well be the same for yours. A special election is costing the District $30,000! In 2022 they put a bond on the General Election ballot, it went down to defeat by 14 points. This year they’re back with a bigger bond, $25,000,000 over 15 years, their strategy is, a special election means a lower turn out and they have a better chance of winning. Your District may be different from Fountain Hills, our enrollment is going down each year as more parents are choosing other options to the Government Schools. Two years ago enrollment was at 1347, this fall it’s 1174 and by 2030 projections say 800 students. It’s been a long time since I saw a pregnant woman in Fountain Hills, nationally the school age population is dwindling, and yet the District has the audacity to ask for a massive Bond over a 15-year life span that may outlast the schools themselves. It certainly will triple the obligation on property owners tax bill. To all reading this, check what’s happening in your community, because it appears those who financially benefit from doing business with the schools are funding a large portion of these elections…they are the Preferred Vendors in a government funded school system that should be utilizing lowest cost providers. Az. State Legislators need to take a look at these cozy relationships.
Randy Miller , PC LD28
I had time to review the MCRC Resolution; “To reclaim Election Integrity in Arizona’s 2024 Presidential Preference Election.”

They cite ARS 16-452, in their letter sent to AZGOP, but failed to cite a section that specifies an authority supporting their idea. There are 12 sections, each having a specific purpose separate from each other. The entire Statute was cited as an authority. This is not useful or supportive of their idea.

I read the section and fail to see anything that speaks as an authority to do what they demand. Additionally, their demands are outside of our constitution, completely contradictory to it.

ARS 16-452 specifically directs procedures for an “individual” requesting an early ballot, procedures for political subdivisions, military personnel procedures in absentee voting, etc. The party is not an individual and cannot speak for all its members. Additionally, under “A” of this section, it specifically explains why WE ARE NOT a closed primary. This section is pursuant to AZ Constitution, Article 7, Section 10, which I have been saying for years and personally brought up at our County mandatory meeting, speaking against the illegal resolution on becoming a closed primary.

The county wants to separate from “Government run Elections”. I believe they need to explain how they can do this if the government (legislators) is specifically empowered to enact laws for elections. Using their rational we could argue that our HOA’s, and trade unions for example, can withdraw and have their own elections. If not, why? It is basically what they are saying.

Everyone needs to ask, who is supposed to vote for president? How did Arizona, with the strong support and direction of Anthony Kern, make Arizona a “Popular vote” state for President? Check US Constitution, Article 1, Section 2, how we get our number of representatives, which is used in part to determine our number in the Electoral College, and Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2, and 3, electing the president. If you want more, read Federalist 68, Mode of Electing the President.

Ray Ihly
If you want to know who started all the infighting in the Republican Party look no further. Please share this. Here it is. They lay it out – ‘We The People’ are intentionally destroying MAGA from within. Do not be fooled by the misdirection play that they are only after ‘RINOs’ – they are after MAGA, and destroying the Republican Party to do it.

Here are the signs:

Is this happening in YOUR LD??

1. Are they “re-writing” your bylaws?
2. Are they demanding NO Proxies? ( bad for rural conservatives especially )
3. Are they trying to remove PCs?
4. Are they trying to remove Leadership? MAGA Leadership?
5.Are they Censure / Resolution crazy? (talk over action)
6. Are they trying to allow ‘appointed’ PC’s to vote, especially in special or organizational meetings? (this was a McCain era tactic to purge the Tea Party which was successfully stopped).

They and their followers need to be stopped. We don’t need a third party. We don’t need division. Most Republican Party members (old and new) are good people wanting to save our state and our country. We need to come together to fix our party and beat Democrats, not burn it all down.

Frosty Taylor, Retired Briefs Founder & Editor
John Strasser is doing a fine job, but I miss hearing from readers. Editor’s Note: The Contact Frosty form on the website goes directly to Frosty, as does her Briefs email address: — JS
Joe Junker
Frosty- I will miss you. Thank you for all you’ve done to promote communications in the Party for all these years!! With great appreciation,
Stephen Sivigliano
A petition from The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property Tell Aveeno Kids to Stop Promoting the LGBT Lifestyle. My Commentary: It’s amazing and disgusting how many inches you give these people, and they go ahead and steal MILES instead. Later. Sign the petition, Brandon!
Larry Sorenson, LD 27, PC, State Committeeman
Per the blast email that I received a few days ago from Stephen Richer, the upcoming bond election will be mail-in ballot ONLY. Ballots will be distributed to those signed up for Early Voting, only.

This means that a percentage of registered voters, those desiring to vote in person, will be prohibited from participation.

This no doubt saves the Recorder’s office from the inconvenience and cost of conducting an election in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes. As it is, I seriously doubt if he has the authority to summarily exclude a percentage of registered voters from the election process.

He has been fed bad information by the attorney general. Why?

Tom Steele:
If good people do nothing; evil is allowed to prevail.
Town Councilwoman Brenda Kalivianakis (Fountain Hills)
Frosty is so beloved and the Briefs has made such a difference providing the communication necessary to keep us conservatives informed of the day to day goings on of our colleagues. You work is greatly appreciated!
Frosty Taylor, Retired Briefs Founder & Editor
My husband of 68 years is the best caretaker possible.


September 2023 Calendar

Sept. 11 – CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN CLUB OF KINGMAN: 11:45 AM at the Eagles Lodge. Our main speaker is our Congressman, Dr. Paul Gosar. He has confirmed and is looking forward to seeing everyone. Also on the docket is Mr. James Barber, who is running to replace Mike File, who is retiring as the KUSD Superintendent of Skools (well, yes, I do really know how to spell it!). Laurence Schiff, M.D. President (928) 530-3637

Sept. 11 – LONDON BRIDGE REPUBLICAN WOMEN DINNER: 5PM Checkin/6 PM Meeting Dinner; Shugrues Bridgeview Room; Guest Speaker is Hildy Angus— Candidate for AZ State Senate; $25.00 Cash/Check at the door; Please RSVP to Pam Ford at 928-486-4033 by September 8 NOON. Reservations required for attending

Sept. 11 – REPUBLICAN WOMEN OF WICKENBURG (RWOW): 6:30 pm Dinner at the Palomino 6:30 mtg. Contact:

Sept. 11 – WEST VALLEY REPUBLICANS: Monthly General Meeting; Doors open at 6:00pm. Meeting at 6:30pm; 10050 W. Bell Rd. Sun City, AZ 85351; Our speaker with be Christy Narsi from the Independent Women’s Forum to discuss the Women’s Bill of Rights and the destruction of Title IX. Very important issues for today. 623-248-5175

Sept. 11 – LINCOLN REPUBLICAN WOMEN: 5:00 pm Registration and Cocktails; 6:00 PM Seated Dinner, Family Style; 6:40 PM Program; Maggiano’s in Scottsdale 16405 N. Scottsdale Road; Speaker: Mark Spencer from Judicial Watch will be our guest speaker. $52 per person; Questions? or call Allison at (480) 628-2763

Sept. 13 – LD23:  6:30; Estrella Foothills High School, Media room, 13033 Estrella Parkway, in Goodyear. Social starts at 6:30 pm and the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Speaker is Member at Large For CD9 Austin Smith. Contact: Butch Kuentzler (1st V Chair LD23)

Sept. 13 – ARROWHEAD REPUBLICAN WOMEN: Meeting & Luncheon

Sept. 14 – UNITED PATRIOTS AZ: 7:00 pm at Burke Basic School located at 131 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210. Free admission and refreshments provided. Speakers: Kelly Cooper (Candidate for U.S. Congress (CD4) & Shelby Busch (MCRC 1st Vice Chair). Contact:

Sept. 14 – AZ FREE ENTERPRISE CLUB Citizen Lobbyist Class in Tucson: 8:30AM – 2:30PM; St. Philip’s in the Hills Episcopal Church 4440 N. Campbell Tucson, AZ 85718; Learn how to maximize your impact on the legislative process and also other local matters such as school boards, council meetings, or at the county level by becoming an effective “citizen lobbyist.” When you become a “citizen lobbyist” you will have the knowledge and skills to make a difference on the issues you care about most! Let’s advance freedom and conservative values together! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Sept. 16 – RINCON REPUBLICANS SPEAK: 11:30 am; event starts at NOON; Serial Grillers, 7585 S Houghton Rd, Tucson. UPDATE: Due to a scheduling conflict, Kevin Thompson of the Arizona Corporation Commission has been rescheduled for October. Rene Lopez, 2024 Republican candidate for the ACC, will be speaking about his campaign and what he sees as challenges he will be facing as an ACC Commissioner, and his plan for protecting taxpayers. Contact: or 520-405-9995.

Sept. 16 – ARIZONA FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN REGION VII: Breakfast & Borders Discussion. Doors & Breakfast Buffet at 9am. Event begins at 9:30 am. Speakers: Representative Tim Dunn, Art Del Cueto, and Ret. Det. Heidi Chance; Topic: The Border and Trafficking – An in-depth look into what is happening at the border, how it is impacting the local communities, and how you can help! Location: Arizona Broadway Theater, 7701 W. Paradise Lane, Peoria, AZ 85382; Tickets – $32+CC Fees per Person ; RSVP Due by 9/11/2023 at Questions – Email Jamie Kelly at

SEPT. 16 – STANDING UP FOR LIFE EVENT: (Babies Deserve a Choice too!) 4p – 7p at UR4AZ Conference Center. 210 W. Continental, Suite 203, GV 85622. Complimentary Dinner, Kathleen Winn, Keynote Speaker along with other Pro-Life Speakers. RSVP and Contact info: Cindy Walton-Sparks phone/text 616.481.0872 or

Sept. 16 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB: 9am Fountain Hills Community Center, with the Social Period/Registration and Coffee/Breakfast snacks starting at 8:30 am The meeting will be a Forum on the FHUSD bond issue ahead of the Nov 7 election – mail in only. Dr. Jagodzinski, Superintendent FHUSD, will give a brief facts only presentation about the bond issue followed by presentations both For and Against the bond. The pro-bond side will be represented by speaker(s) from “Yes for FH Students“. The against the bond side will be represented by speaker(s) from “Reclaim our Town“. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A period.

Sept. 16 – PEBBLECREEK REPUBLICAN CLUB: 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM; Eagles Nest Clubhouse, PebbleCreek, Goodyear, AZ (map coordinates provided when signing up); Speaker: James T. Harris, Ringmaster of the Conservative Circus; Cost: $15.00 per person; Reservations Required. For reservation contact: Vicki Streeter at or phone Vicki at 951-852-2306

Sept. 16 – FOUR PEAKS YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB: Four Peaks Young Republicans is having our kick off event! This event is an Oktoberfest themed Social Hour. Join us at Bone Haus to learn more about this brand new Republicans club. 6pm. Bone Haus Brewing 14825 E Shea Blvd #101, Fountain Hills AZ. RSVP to: Contact: Hannah Toth at 602-541-7919 Social: X: @4PeaksYR, FaceBook: Four Peaks Young Republicans Club

Sept. 17 – READY FOR RON- READY TO WIN PAC: Please join the Ready for Ron- Ready to Win PAC for DeSantis Sunday event to support DeSantis’s POTUS run. The event will be on Sept 17th, 2023 at 3 pm. You MUST RSVP ( Location will be given upon RSVP) Come and purchase some food and mingle with like-minded DeSantis supporters. Be sure to RSVP to Carolyn Leff at and or 480-586-0430

Sept. 18 – LEISURE WORLD REPUBLICAN CLUB: 7:00 pm 908 S. Power Road, Mesa, AZ – please enter through the Southern Avenue and Leisure World Blvd entrance. Speakers: Tracy DuCharme with American Majority, Candidate for MCSO Jerry Sheridan and Ken Berger LD 10 Chair. 50/50 drawing and free refreshments. Candidates: call for table space. Diane Andersen 480 395-5515

Sept. 18 – PALO VERDE REPUBLICAN WOMEN LUNCHEON MEETING: 11 AM – 1:30 PM , the Pavilion at McCormick Ranch Golf Club, 7505 E. McCormick Parkway, Scottsdale. Speakers: Cindy Casaus – AzFRW President, Lori Klein Corbin – RNC National Committeewoman, and Jeff DeWit – Arizona Republican Party Chairman. To register, contact: Reservation window closes Friday, September15th at 10AM.

Sept. 19 – SUN CITY REPUBLICAN CLUB: Sun City, social time starts at 6:00 pm, meeting begins at 6:30pm. The club meets at Sundial Recreation Center East Hall.14801 N. 103rd Ave; Speakers: Arizona Free Enterprise – presenting the all important information on Rank Choice Voting/Jungle Primary and Robert Canterbury 2024 candidate for District 4 Supervisor will detail the importance of Supervisor’s position. Information or 623-815-8557

Sept. 20 – RANDY MILLER CONSTITUTION CLASSES: 6:30 pm, at the republican office in Sun City (10050 W Bell Road Sun City, AZ) At this meeting, I want to go over powers of the legislature, both state and federal as it relates to declaring a state of emergency and powers of the executive. Read Article 4, part 2, and Article 5 of the Arizona constitution for this. And of course, Article 1, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, and Article 2, clause 1 and 2. Oh, sorry, read Article 3 carefully as well. It is short, but important in 2 ways. As you’re reading Article I, of the US constitution, take notice of clause 2, and section 4. Then read Article 7, section 10 and 11 of Arizona’s constitution. Why? Our elections are in turmoil and we can’t fix them operating like democrats, on our emotions, which is what the “party” is doing. This is in reference to the MCRC passing their latest resolution to separate from government run elections. This is an open invitation to our legislators, please join us and participate. The people elected you and only our working together will solve any problems. This is our last meeting there since they are having to vacate the office. There is no cost, but donations are appreciated. Contact Randy Miller, (623) 866-3544.

Sept. 20 – PINAL COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE (District 4): 6:00 pm at Native Grill & Wings at 21164 N. John Wayne Pkwy., Maricopa, AZ 85139. Speaker: Shane Krauser (Constitutional Scholar & Candidate for Gilbert Mayor). Contact:

Sept. 21 – AZGOP TRAININGS: AZGOP is sponsoring another Public Speaking-Media Training Class on Thursday, September 21 for Legislators and Candidates. Address is 1835 E Elliot (#102) in Tempe, Cost is $25, class is limited. Contact Jill Norgaard at for more information. All proceeds go to AZGOP.

Sept. 21 – REPUBLICAN WOMEN OF THE HILLS: 3-5 PM at Christ Church, 15555 E Bainbridge, in Fountain Hills. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and Americans for Real Change (ARC). Scot Mussi, AZ Free Enterprise Club, and Kevin Jackson, ARC, are the key speakers. Discussions will include 15 Minute Cities, how regulations will affect you, who wants you to give up your car, and how to accomplish real change. This event is free to all who would like to attend. Please RSVP to to assist in expected attendance. If you have any further questions, please email us at Republican Women of The Hills meets the third Thursday of each month from 3-5 PM, typically at the VFW in Fountain Hills. Women and men are welcome to join.

Sept. 21 – UNITED PATRIOTS AZ: 7:00 pm at Burke Basic School located at 131 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210. Free admission and refreshments provided. Speakers: Eric Hayes (Turning Point Action) & Shane Krauser (Constitutional Scholar & Candidate for Gilbert Mayor). Contact:

Sept. 22 Thru Sept. 24 – SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION: 38TH ANNUAL GUN RIGHTS POLICY CONFERENCE (GRPC); Come meet national gun rights leaders and your fellow grassroots activists at the 38th Annual GRPC. This is your once a-year chance to network and get an insider look and plan pro-gun rights strategies for the coming year. Cost: Free! Marriott Phoenix Airport 1101 North 44th St Phoenix, AZ 85008; Website and RSVP:

Sept. 22 – LINCOLN-REAGAN DINNER at the Wheelhouse. Speaker – Nick Adams. “Western Semi-formal”.

Sept. 23 – CONSERVATIVES FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC (ConCR): Bible Baptist Church located at 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Doors open at 10:30 am, meeting to start at 11:15 am. Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association, will be speaking. Seating is limited so you must RSVP via email:

Sept. 23 – CITY OF MARICOPA REPUBLICAN CLUB 10am; Stagestop Marketplace/Calvary Church – 44301 West Maricopa – Casa Grande Highway, City of Maricopa; Guest Speakers: Pinal County Treasurer Michael P. McCord, AZ GOP 2nd Vice-Chairman, Nathan Jackson and Pinal County Attorney Candidate Brad Miller; Contact:

Sept. 25 – ANDPhx Republicans: 7-8:30pm; Desert Hills Community Church, 34835 N. 7th St., Phx 85086; Speaker: Brad Zinn will give a special presentation on Marxism in America . There will be a free gift from Mr. Zinn to each person attending. RSVP to Cathy at 623-640-2513 (text). ‘ANDPhx’ stands for Anthem/New River/Desert Hills/N Phoenix Republican Club

Sept. 27 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB: 5 pm, DC Grill,10440 N Indian Wells Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-6240. NO HOST. Happy Hour begins at 3 and ends at 6. Come socialize with fellow conservatives. Bring a friend or neighbor. Everybody is welcome. At our club’s request, DC Grill has extended their Happy Hour to 6 p.m. and will provide a special menu for us. Candidates and elected officials welcome to mingle and talk to individuals or small groups, but NO speeches. Mingle with like-minded individuals, and share good food and conversation. Come early, leave early; come late, leave late or come early and leave late. Come enjoy yourself.

Sept. 28 – Oct. 1 – NFRW 2023 Biennial Convention, Oklahoma

Sept. 29 – AMERICA PACK 6:00 pm at Reformed Living Bible Church at 6140 E. Thunderbird Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Admission: $10. Speakers: Professor Owen Anderson (Professor of Philosophy, Religious Studies, & Theology at ASU), Senator Anthony Kern (LD27 Senator & Judiciary Committee Chair), & Shane Krauser (Constitutional Scholar & Candidate for Gilbert Mayor). Contact:

Sept. 30 – FREEDOM EXPO ARIZONA 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Burke Basic School located at 131 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210. Free admission and free food. Vendor spots available for $25. Speakers: James T. Harris, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Jeff Utsch, and Shane Krauser. Information:

Sept. 30 – PACHYDERM COALITION: Tenative Speaker Congressman Eli Crane. Hosted by Sue Goodchild

October 2023 Calendar

Oct. 7 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB: Saturday Get-Together 9:30 a.m., at SIPS Eatery, 16425 E Palisades Blvd. Still a No-host event. Come socialize with fellow conservatives. Bring a friend/neighbor or two or three; mingle with like-minded individuals, and share a good coffee drink and food and conversation. Everyone is welcome.

Oct. 18 – AZFRW REGION VIII HOSTS CHINA EXPERT: Nan Su, senior writer for the Epoch Times, will share his vast knowledge of China’s influence on our schools, military, media, public policy and current affairs. Details: 11AM-2PM, McCormick Ranch Golf Club, $53/person. Purchase Tickets Here:“”. Questions?:

Oct. 19-21 – ARIZONA FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN’S 2023 BIENNIAL CONVENTION will be held Oct. 19-21 at the Casino Del Sol Resort, 5655 W. Valencia Road in Tucson. Early Bird Registration $235. Early Bird Registration ends July 31

Oct. 21 – ARIZONA CITIZENS DEFENSE LEAGUE (AzCDL): The Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) Eighteenth Annual Meeting of Members will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the Tucson Marriott University Park, 880 E 2nd St, 85719 in Tucson. This meeting is open only to AzCDL members and their guests. Ticket sales will commence on August 30. Annual meeting tickets are $45 but, if you purchase by September 29, you can get them for only $40. Last minute tickets purchased after October 9 will cost you $50 so don’t delay, get your tickets now! As with all our annual meetings, the open carrying of holstered firearms is appreciated. Please make your reservations by October 13, 2023. You can still purchase tickets until October 20, but seating is not guaranteed! Tickets will not be sold at the door. Not a member? Not a problem. Click here to join AzCDL. Questions? Contact Tom at Website:

Oct. 21 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICANS ANNUAL VOTER AND CANDIDATE OUTREACH PICNIC: noon in Golden Eagle Park.  Price $17 for individual tickets, children under 10 eat free.  All Republican candidates invited. Reservations can be made at all FHRC meetings. Candidates should contact Chris Enos or other members of the club’s Victory Committee so they can get help in knowing what it takes and in running a successful campaign.

Oct. 28 – UNITED REPUBLICANS FOR ARIZONA CANDIDATE ROUND-UP 2024: The Diamond Center at Desert Diamond Casino 1100 W. Pima Mine Road, Sahuarita, Arizona. Learn more at Angie Anderson | UR4AZ Director | 520-289-9600

Oct. 28 – CONSERVATIVES FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC (ConCR): We are pleased to announce that the real Arizona Attorney General, Abe Hamadeh, will be speaking at our upcoming meeting Saturday, October 28th, at the Bible Baptist Church located at 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Doors open at 10:30 am, meeting to start at 11:15 am. ConCR is a group of conservative activists dedicated to restoring the principles and values of our representative government as set forth in the US Constitution. ConCR is a membership only organization however interested fellow conservatives are invited to attend as visitors. Seating is limited so you must RSVP via email:

November 2023 Calendar

Nov. 4 – PACHYDERM COALITION: Yavapai County New Candidates. Hosted by Sue Goodchild