May 152023

Kudos to people like Sue Goodchild of Prescott Valley, who is doing her best to get the younger generation involved with conservative Republicans.  Her parties/meeting aren’t hen parties, she brings in patriotic speakers who teach new PCs what they need to do to win elections. Never-mind her many aliments, she is busy hosting Party events.

Bonnie Ebstyne emphatically denies distributing a message attributed to her via Telegram that says … “Frosty Taylor’s Republican Briefs packed full these days with lies & propaganda…” – following the MCRC BBQ. Ebstyne, who chaired the MCRC BBQ verified reports Sunday that she is one of the Telegram administrators. She is not happy with Briefs “Readers Speak Out” commentary of disappointment with the MCRC BBQ. She considers the BBQ a success. She is chair of Patriots of AZ, which she refers to as an educational group. Sunday morning another message floated around under Ebstyne’s name reading: “Frosty’s Briefs has simply become the Desantis/Rove/Bush/ Uniparty blog. It was always so good. It changed in January. Editor’s Note: Horse pucky. Briefs doesn’t endorse, nor support candidates. – ft

May 19 – Quail Creek Republican Club. 8:30 coffee. 9 am mtg at Kino Conference Center, Ocotillo/Mesquite rooms. Speaker – Chris Desimone, radio host and co-founder of Wake Up, Tucson. See

Congressman Andy Bigg’s and Eli Crane co-hosted Drop Zone 2023 May 13 at 7729 East Pecos Road, Mesa, AZ 85212. Drop Zone is a one-stop event for all veterans

The Arizona House of Representatives Republican Majority Caucus issued the following statement Friday: It’s deeply disturbing that any sitting President would endanger border states and neglect to protect American citizens from being overrun by the dangerous repercussions of an open and unsecure border. Yet that is precisely what President Biden and his administration have done since taking office. With the president’s reckless decision to abandon Title 42 – an effective legal policy enabling the United States to turn back illegal immigrants, including those making asylum claims – border states like ours are bracing for a massive wave of additional illegal immigration and criminal activity that will exacerbate the current crisis beyond the breaking point. Law enforcement agencies are already overextended from the endless flood of illegal immigration, human trafficking, and dangerous narcotics. Health care providers are strained, especially in border communities like Yuma, where it is a constant struggle to deliver essential services to residents in need of care. After years of being on the front lines of the southern border crisis created entirely by the federal government’s refusal to secure the border, the State of Arizona was forced to act, investing its resources to help overwhelmed communities where it could. In 2021, House Republicans passed a Border Security Fund, which was used to help prevent human trafficking and illegal entry into the country, to solidify infrastructure, aid local prosecution efforts, and other necessary activities to protect Arizona citizens. Last year we put over $500 million into the fund and allocated over $209 million for a variety of state and local border enforcement activities. About $240 million remains in the fund, which the state can use to counteract the federal government’s negligence on the border and the harm it has in our communities. In the new state budget passed this week, we included:

  • Maintaining a $30 million program that provides additional support to local law enforcement facing border-related crimes. (Border Drug and Interdiction Fund; Local Border Support – formerly known as the Border Strike Force)
  • Adding $10 million to human trafficking prevention efforts.
  • Adding $3 million for additional fentanyl prosecution efforts.

With each passing day, illegal immigration grows, more deadly fentanyl pours through our borders, more young girls are pushed into border-related sex trafficking, and law enforcement officers are killed in the line of duty, all because leaders of our federal government refuse to protect the nation. We demand that change now. The border must be made safe and secure. While the state cannot do the job of the federal government, House Republicans will continue working to ensure the state prioritizes safety, security, and the protection of the people of Arizona.  Follow the accomplishments of the House Republican Majority on Twitter @AZHouseGOP.

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DANIELLE HAGEN: Regarding the LD 2 fundraiser. 1st of all our job is to raise money. not just for candidates, but as well as to be a community leaders when it comes to informing our constituents and build bons. It takes money to make money. We are absolutely obligated to hold it events for everyone to participate together. Plan strategies to benefit our great communities. No different than a PAC. We do NOT. Those who oppose it for their own selfish reasons. Just what we need more pettiness, more division and more inside party meddling it’s like liberals have invaded our LDs. ps. Thanks for the advertisement. It will be fun.

SUSAN WOOD, LD3PC: I dispute the assertions made by Bob Gomez. 5-10-23 Briefs His first 3 “facts” are inaccurate and I have provided clarification.

  • FACT: LD3 bylaws Article I Section 2. The District shall function as part of the MCRC and in cooperation with the State Committee of the AZGOP. (interpretation – LD3 reports to the MCRC) [Corrected.  The LD 3 bylaws must be in compliance both with the state statutes and the MCRC bylaws.  A majority of the LD 3 elected precinct committeemen had and continue to have the right to petition the MCRC Chairman to call a special meeting of the District Committee to remove the LD 3 Chair. A majority of the LD 3 PCs have not done that.  Therefore, per the state statutes and the MCRC bylaws, the elected LD 3 Chair remains the LD 3 Chair.]
  • FACT: MCRC recognizes the new chair and board and are present at all EGC meetings. A complete chronology of events is now posted at the LD3 website GOPLD3.ORG starting from the 12-1-22 election to the 3-30-23 re-election.  [Corrected.  The MCRC has no authority under the state statutes or the MCRC bylaws to recognize the “new”” chair and board as the original chair and board are still holding their offices, per both the state statutes and the MCRC bylaws.  The writer cites neither to statutes or bylaws authorities.]
  • FACT: The re-election was as a result of the investigation of the irregularities with the LD3 12-1-2022 election done by the 2022 MCRC Board and the new 2023 MCRC Board.  [The MCRC had no authority to hold a “re-election” under the state statutes and the MCRC bylaws.  After the prior MCRC officers failed to act prior to the January 14, 2023 MCRC organizational meeting, and because no removal of the elect LD 3 Chair and other officers took place, the LD 3 and other elected officers continued to remain in their offices, having been chosen by the PCs who voted at the LD 3 organizational meeting.]

TOM MORRISSEY, former AZGOP chair: Did any one of us ever think we would be seeing something like this?  What, in God’s Holy Name, is going to happen next? <> wrote:

VINCE ANSELMO: LD-4 was added to the growing list of Legislative Districts who have officially “censured” House Leader Ben Toma and Senate President Warren Petersen for what amounts to dereliction of duty. The “Resolution to Censure” as introduced by Precinct Committeeman Jodi Johnson, outlined the reasons for the censuring of these two Republican leaders. The primary focus in this resolution was that both Toma and Petersen have not exercised all of their options in challenging election integrity issues as well as their reluctance to utilize their “powers of the purse” to corral faux Governor Katie Hobbs into being more compliant with signing and approving common sense bills sponsored by Republican Legislators. When the Resolution was introduced as the last item on the LD-4 agenda, all hell broke loose! There were many who felt that Republicans shouldn’t be attacking other Republicans and that the Resolution to Censure was a form of political cannibalism. There were also many who believed that both Toma and Petersen were not utilizing their positions “unleashing the hounds of hell” on Hobbs who is clearly not operating in the best interests of Arizona. In order to divert from voting on the censure another PC pops up from out of nowhere to introduce an Amendment to the Resolution to censure faux Governor Katie Hobbs as well. When PC’s realized that it was an obvious diversion from the original context of the Censure, the Amendment failed to muster enough votes to pass. It was finally time to address the originally proposed Resolution to Censure and was put up for a vote.

SUZANNE COOK CATLIN: Republicans need a wakeup call. Some Republicans appear to be more focused on the destruction of the party from within, either intentionally or unintentionally, rather than winning in 2024. In the meantime, the Left is focused on us. Having investigated many of the allegations against Republicans by talking to BOTH sides, one side suffers from “group think” and “cognitive dissidence”, dangerous for any group. (Think JFK and the Bay of Pigs). The lies, attacks and half-truths need to stop now against hard working conservatives or this country will go hard communist in 2024. That’s TRUTH. Focus your energies on things that matter. The border, the schools, human trafficking, the economy, etc., are critical issues. No shortage of opportunities for outreach to voters. Btw, Jefferson is not and should never replace Lincoln as the leader of the party. He was a Whig and a slave owner. Also, I suggest a copy or a free link to the Heritage Foundation’s book, Guide to the Constitution. It would be especially helpful to “former” communists who were perhaps poorly schooled about state’s rights and other principles. In the meantime, the Dems are already working it and looking forward to AZ being permanently Blue.

JEFF GREENSPAN, LD4 PC/SC and MCRC Member at Large: Andrew Adams, chairman of LD14, is an amazing mind reader.  In his May 9th Briefs post, he was inside the minds of those who voted against him 2:1.   His ESP powers provided him with conclusive evidence that everyone who disagrees with him suffers from “blind allegiance” and “ignorance”.   Andrew and his comrades post here almost every day complaining about someone, usually hardworking conservatives.  How do we regular PCs out there know who is telling the truth?  There is one sure sign.  People who tell the truth present facts and evidence, include (non-opinion based) links and encourage you to form your own opinion.  Those who do not tell the truth or are telling you THEIR truth, try to persuade using strong language, personal attacks and do NOT want you to look at facts.  They want you to accept their opinion and take them at their word.  Think back over the past few weeks of posts.  Who among them tried to provide hard evidence so you can judge for yourself?  And who among them came out with personal attacks (often in the same breath asking for unity), innuendo, and emotional appeals?  There is a second sign – lawyers are not finders of fact, judges are.  But several on the attack here like to represent legal opinions as fact.  By definition they are not fact, they are opinions.   I pray for discernment in all things, that you will evaluate the entirety of the facts, not just what people post here in 300 words or less, judge for yourself and not take the word of “officials” posting personal attacks.   As always, please feel free to reach out anytime!

PHIIL MASON,AZRA President:: We posted our latest AZRA Legislative Scorecard and I was surprised (and, in some cases, shocked and disappointed) at the latest rankings.  I would like to clarify a few things to bring clarity to the situation.

  • AZRA does NOT rate legislators.  We rate bills that impact the lives of everyday Arizonans in a range from +10 to -10.  We traditionally rate from 200 to 225 bills every session, but his year we were forced to lower that number to 150 due to the huge dislocation in the number of bills dropped prior to session.
  • The AZRA Scorecard is the ONLY scorecard that tells the legislators IN ADVANCE of the bills we have rated, the precise rating for each bill with a clear reason for our rating, and the sincere request for the sponsor or concerned legislator to call us and discuss any information re: the quality of our rating of that bill.
  • The AZRA Scorecard will never be used as a “gotcha” mechanism where legislators are apprised of their score six months later with no opportunity to adjust or understand prior to an opponent using the score as a campaign weapon.
  • We have a proven track record of modifying our bill rating when we are given more information that we believe changes our initial impression of the bill. We are blessed and thankful when we are apprised of where we need to improve to make the product better.  It is a full-time effort by many volunteers whose only interest is defending the Constitution and protecting Arizonans from any government overreach. – Mason

ROB CANTERBURY – MCRC / AZGOP Sergeant-at-Arms: I had the honor and privilege to speak at LD-23 last week and brought up the topic of Bill Gates (no, not OUR lousy Bill Gates), but one of the richest people of the planet, Bill Gates, has bought at least 27,700 acres in the areas of Buckeye and Tonopah. The reason, to build his ‘smart city’ that he will call Belmont, AZ. What is a ‘smart city’, it is a city that runs 100% off digital technologies. This will include government services, urban transportation, food production, even schools. What could possibly go wrong with having any government services (not including those that aren’t already) bought and paid for by Bill Gates, or what could possibly go wrong with students in schools in a Bill Gates owned city? Are we ready for this? There is only one thing that rich people want more of and that is more money. For Bill Gates to maximize his $80M investment for this ‘smart city’, he will need local and state government assistance. Do you really think that someone like Katie Hobbs will refuse a phone call from Bill Gates when he needs a government favor “with strings attached”, or do you think that Bill Gates will refuse a phone call from Bill Gates for the same thing? I don’t either. I have attached a video and internet article for more information on this ‘smart city’, you can make your own opinion. In 2024, we need to elect the right candidates to office for many, many reasons, this is just one example of why. It is also why I need your support for MCBOS in district 4, the area of this planned ‘smart city’. Editor’s Note: Cantberbury is a Maricopa County Board of Supervisors candidate, 2024

TOM MORRISSEY, Past Chairman AZ GOP – I once said “Nothing or no one can be worse than Jimmy Carter then along came Bill Clinton. Then I said nothing or no one can be worse than  Bill Clinton and along came Barack Obama.  Then I said nothing or no one can be worse than Barack Obama and along came Joe Biden. Now I wonder if I should be saying nothing or no one can be worse than Joe Biden.”  However, after Jimmy Carter we got Ronald Reagan and after Barack Obama we got Donald Trump.  Something to ponder folks.

STEVE SAAF: Cities Declare States of Emergency as Massive Numbers of Illegal Aliens Continue to Swarm the U.S. Southern Border. Several border cities have declared states of emergency as the migrant invasion of the United States escalates. However, it’s not just border states; many of these illegal aliens are traveling to metropolitan areas leading to New York and Chicago declaring a state of emergency. [….] “Thursday night marked the end of Title 42, after more […]

NICK MYERS, AZ Corp Comm: I give a sneak peak of the upcoming automated agenda software and a look at why we needed an adjustment to the public comment signup process that everyone is up in arms about right now. Watch the video HERE

Republican nominees may submit announcements, statements, opinions,events etc. Anything longer than Briefs 300 word limit is subjected to editing down. Briefs does not post endorsements, nor do we participate in any campaigns. – ft

WENDY ROGERS,: Chairman of the Elections Committee of the Arizona Senate. With so many things happening at the same time here, I wanted to give you a full accounting.

  • Kari Lake’s lawsuit
  • Abe Hamedeh’s lawsuit
  • My Elections Committee
  • My battles with the media

Lake’s been active! She’s suing for a pathway forward on signature verification. This is critical, as I have mentioned before. I showed you some of the signatures that got verified. They were awful. Kari is also rightly suing Runbeck and Maricopa for denying her the chance to inspect ballots to show that many were injected in. These are the chain of custody issues I have also told you about. In Abe Hamedeh’s trial, then-Secretary of State was aware of the issues in Pinal county’s vote. She knew, yet she did not tell the court. That is grounds for overturning the previous judgement right there! Finally, Kari Lake has discovered a bombshell revelation in her own hearing. Apparently, Maricopa KNEW their machines were faulty, over half of them, but used them anyway! One good thing about these trials, they are uncovering the uncomfortable truth about the shabby running of our elections. There is so much going on right now. I am showing you; but the people of Arizona won’t get this from our lying, festering Fake News media.

REPUBLICAN HOUSE MAJORITY REPORT: There’s no better time to prove your work in the legislative calendar than the budget season. It was important that Arizona’s budget gives back to Arizona families, spends wisely, and only addresses real issues affecting Arizonans.From day one, your Republican Majority has stayed focused on delivering results for our state while negotiating the challenges of getting bills past the governor’s desk. This budget is no different. Arizona’s 2024 budget is focused on top concerns like education, transportation, health care, public safety, and water while holding the line on spending, not spending a dime on abortion providers, protecting school choice, and ensuring our income tax rate stays as low as it is! Getting Governor Hobbs on board wasn’t simple, but we’re proud of the final result — a principled, conservative budget that serves Arizonans.As Arizonans are working through inflation and making ends meet, it was important that the budget met Arizonans where they’re at while remaining financially principled. $259 million is going right back to Arizona families with a tax rebate. For the first time since the 2017 budget, Arizona’s 2024 budget includes no new net ongoing spending. In fact, we reduced our spending to $17.8 billion. We’re proud that Arizona’s budget is structurally balanced, it gives back to Arizonans, and its programs are fully paid for. This budget not only meets our needs, it protects our values and puts Arizona in a fantastic position to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges without burdening taxpayers.

Anything longer than Briefs 300 word limit is subject to editing/shortening. – ft

CONGRESSWOMAN DEBBIE LESKO has reintroduced the Amateur Radio Communications Improvement Act to eliminate the current Symbol Rate Limit set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and replace it with a 2.8 kilohertz (kHz) bandwidth limit. The bill brings regulations up to speed with modern technological advances in amateur radio.“Increased amounts of data can be put on the spectrum due to advances in modern technology, so there is little need for the FCC to place limits on symbol rates,” said Congresswoman Lesko. “That is why I am proud to reintroduce this important legislation to update the FCC’s rules and increase the speed of transmission so that amateur radio operators can more efficiently and effectively transmit messages during times of crisis, such as natural disasters. ARRL extends its deepest appreciation Lesko for her continued leadership on behalf of Amateur Radio licensees, and her supportive actions on communications issues that impact her constituents and the nation,” said Amateur Radio Relay League’s (ARRL) Legislative Committee. “The introduction of the Amateur Radio Communications Improvement Act Lesko to remove a long-outdated symbol rate limit restricting the speed of amateur digital transmissions will substantially increase the ability of amateur radio to provide more timely and efficient message handling during natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and forest fires. Lesko’s foresight in introducing this legislation will serve as a model for the elimination of regulatory barriers to more intensive spectrum sharing.” This legislation eliminates the Symbol Rate Limit in 47 CFR part 97, and replace it with the 2.8kHz bandwidth limit. 2.8kHz is already used to set the maximum bandwidth of an amateur station in the 60-meter band.

CONGRESSMAN ANDY BIGGS: The House Judiciary Committee held a committee markup that mainly focused on items related to National Police Week. We marked up and passed the following legislation out of committee:
H.R. 2494, the Protect Our Law enforcement with Immigration Control and Enforcement (POLICE) Act of 2023
H. Res. 363, Expressing support for recognizing “National Police Week”;
H.R. 3091, the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Service Weapon Purchase Act;
H. Con. Res. 40, Expressing support for local law enforcement officers and condemning efforts to defund or dismantle local law enforcement agencies;
H.R. 288, the Separation of Powers Restoration Act or “SOPRA”; and
H.R. 3089, “NDO Fairness Act.”

CONGRESSWOMAN DEBBIE LESKO has released a statement on the U.S. House of Representatives’ passage of the Secure the Border Act: “I was proud to vote for House Republicans’ H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act. I represent a border state and have been to the southern border multiple times. We are unquestionably facing a historic border crisis, yet the Biden Administration has wrongly allowed Title 42 to expire without a plan to secure our southern border. This will be an unmitigated disaster, and it is just the latest in a long line of catastrophic border policies from this administration. House Republicans have a solution. The Secure the Border Act is a critical piece of legislation to disincentivize illegal immigration, restart construction of the border wall, reverse the Biden Administration’s en masse parole policy, end catch and release, and reinstate President Trump’s successful Remain in Mexico policy. House Republicans have proven we are the party of secure borders, and I will continue to work to restore our nation’s border security and protect Arizona’s communities. It’s time for President Biden and congressional Democrats to take responsibility for this crisis and work with Republicans to secure the border.”

CONGRESSMAN ANDY BIGGS: With the Biden Administration terminating the Title 42 public health order at the southern border—an order that has quickly expelled hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens during the COVID-19 outbreak—it is imperative to address the anticipated surge of illegal aliens expected to take advantage of the policy change.  \H.R. 2, the Secure The Border Act of 2023, passed in the House last night and helps us get closer to securing the southern border and restoring integrity in our immigration system. It is the most comprehensive immigration package I have seen while serving in Congress.

CONGRESSMAN ANDY BIGGS: The House Oversight & Accountability Committee held a hearing titled ESG Part I: An Examination of Environmental, Social, and Governance Practices with Attorneys General. ESG is a woke political agenda that is infiltrating American business. ESG priorities are being used by activist shareholders to push a radical, far-left ideology, demanding that companies reduce energy production companies, cut off business relationships with firearms stores and manufacturers, and conduct divisive DEI audits of their workforce. These actions come at the expense of company profitability, and ultimately, at the expense of Arizona retirees and pensioners. State Attorneys General have been on the front lines fighting woke corporate leaders and the Biden Administration, who are pushing for ESG priorities at the expense of our constitutional rights, and economic, energy, and national security needs of the United States. That’s wrong and my colleagues and I will continue to find legislative solutions to block this heinous practice from continuing.

CONGRESSMAN ANDY BIGGS:,The House Oversight & Accountability Committee held a press conference to unveil more information relating to the Biden Family’s shady business schemes. We pointed to financial records tracing at least $10 million from foreign nationals and related companies to the Biden family, their associates, and their companies. The Bidens took steps to hide payments they received from foreign nationals, including from China and Romania.


May 2023 Calendar

MAY 16 – PIMA COUNTY REPUBLICAN CLUB: at 11:30am., at Kettle Restaurant, 748 W Star Pass Blvd., Tucson. Speaker – JL Whittenbraker, Republican candidate Mayor.

MAY 16 – SUN CITY REPUBLICAN CLUB: Meet and greet 6pm, meeting 6:30 pm at the Center East Hall, 14801 N. 103rd Ave, Sun City. Speakers – Mike Crawford, 2024 candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff and Kim  Miller, president and co- founder of Arizona Women for Action. Info, 713-557-5800.

MAY 17 – REPUBLICAN WOMEN OF PRESCOTT: 6 pm. Speakers – USA Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk and Lindsey Graham, the Patriot Barbie. Tickets at or call 928-776-2000.

MAY 17 – PALO VERDE REPUBLICAN WOMEN LUNCHEON Meeting: 11 AM, the Pavilion at McCormick Ranch Golf Club, 7505 E. McCormick Parkway, Scottsdale. We will be treated to a “don’t miss” Supreme Court luncheon! Justices William G. Montgomery and Clint Bolick will speak about the inner workings of the Arizona Supreme Court. Both will take questions after their presentations. To register, contact: Reservation window closed Friday, May 12 at 10AM.

MAY 18 – SHERIFF MARK LAMB: Is Coming To Frontier Town; 6:30pm. Lamb has served as Sheriff of Pinal County since 2017. Now, Lamb is determined to take his fight to the U.S. Senate. RSVP : Janet Mohr, Cave Creek Captain 602-980-7653

MAY 18 – UNITED PATRIOTS AZ: 7pm. Burke Basic School, 131 E. Southern, Mesa. Speakers – Shane Krauser & Jerry Sheridan, Maricopa County Sheriff candidate. Topic: Federalism & the Job of Law Enforcement at the Local & County Level. Free admission.

MAY 19 – FREEDOM FRIDAYS: 5:30 pm., 7366 E Shea Blvd in Scottsdale. Happy Hour 3-6pm.

MAY 20 – ARIZONA REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY ANNUAL MEETING: 9 am mtg. at the Salvation Army West Valley Center, 17420 Avenue of the Arts (North off Bell Rd) in Surprise.  Doors open at 8:30 am for Registration and Credentialing.  Complimentary continental breakfast provided.  This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded America First patriots from around the state and have one-to-one conversations with Republican statewide officials as well as a significant number of state legislators.  We will be announcing new opportunities to make a difference in state and local policies with many informative presentations.  Contact:

MAY 20 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB Meeting.  9:am. meeting; coffee & donuts/registration/social period/doors open 8:30. Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Fountain Hills Community Center.  Bring a friend or neighbor or two or three and come early to get a good seat.  Free.  Visitors welcome.  Contact: Boe James,

MAY 20 – ARIZONA CONSTITUTION UNDER FIRE: Preventing Covid 2.0: 1 pm at Burke Basic School, 131 E. Southern Ave., Mesa. Speakers: Shane Krauser & Randy Miller. Topic: A Discussion of HCR2039 & SCR1034.

MAY 20 – CONSERVATIVES FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC (ConCR): 11:15 am at the Bible Baptist Church located at 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Speaker – Mark Finchem. ConCR is a group of conservative activists dedicated to restoring the principles and values of our representative government as set forth in the US Constitution. ConCR is a membership only organization however interested fellow conservatives are invited to attend as visitors. Seating is limited so you must RSVP via email:

MAY 22 – PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS AND MEDIA TRAINING for campaigning.  Contact Jill Norgaard at to attend a two hour class, sponsored by the Republican Party of Arizona, and   evaluated by Toastmasters.   6-8 pm, 1835 E Elliot Road #102 Tempe, AZ.   Class size is limited and costs $25.

MAY 23 – PIMA COUNTY REPUBLICAN CLUB: at 11:30am., at Kettle Restaurant, 748 W Star Pass Blvd., Tucson. Speaker Art DelCueto, Boarder patrol v p union.

MAY 24 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB GOP SOCIAL, 5 pm., at Batchelor’s Pad BBQ, 13407 N La Montana Dr.  Ssocialize with fellow conservatives.  Contact Boe James,

MAY 24 – ARIZONA REPUBLICAN LAWYERS LUNCHwith Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction and former Arizona Attorney General, from 11:30am-1pm at 5500 North 24th St., Phoenix. Attendees will receive one hour of CLE for participation. RSVP to Lauren Blixt, if you would like to attend at Given space requirements these lunches are limited to Republican lawyers so please include your BAR number with your RSVP. Hosted by the Slavicek Law Firm.

MAY 25 – PIMA COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN’S CLUB: 11:30am luncheon. the LaPaloma County Club, 3660 E Sunrise Dr, in Tucson. Speaker – Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, who will be running for US Senate. $30 lunch. RSVP required to Nancy Fahey, or text/call 321-6476.

MAY 25/26 – CITIZENS’ CONSORTIUM: 8:30 am to 5pm, at Arizona State Senate, 1700 W. Washington, Phx. Joint AZ Congressional & Legislative Committee Hearing. See

MAY 26 – FREEDOM FRIDAYS: 5:30 pm., 7366 E Shea Blvd in Scottsdale. Happy Hour 3-6pm.

MAY 27 – AMERICAN MAJORITY’S :11 am. speaker – Tracy Du Charme On “How To Work The Precincts, Neighborhoods And Folks So We Can Win Elections Once Again”. Snacks will be served. RSVP to Sue Goodchild 928-636-7355 OR suepachy@gmail. Looking for new faces who are upset with the way the last election resulted.

MAY 28 – PIMA COUNTY REPUBLICAN CLUB: at 11:30am., at Kettle Restaurant, 748 W Star Pass Blvd., Tucson. Speaker Peter Norquest, 15 minute city or

MAY 28 – WELCOME HOME JACOB CHANSLEY: 4 pm., at Reformed Living Bible Church,6140 E Thunderbird Road in Scottsdale. Contact: 480-540-4648.

June 2023 Calendar

JUNE 1 – DANGERS OF ESG: 6 pm . Silver Star Theater. Speaker Utah State Treasurer Marlo Oaks on The Arizona Federation of Republican Women, Region VI. $25 dinner. Will accept cash, check and card at the door but RSVP is required. RSVP deadline is May 28.
RSVP NOW – Here Pay Online with your credit card – Here

JUNE 2 – UR4AZ Southern Arizona Trump Campaign Kickoff: 4pm., UR4AZ Events Center, 210 W Continental Road #203 in Green Wally. Register at

JUNE 6 – ARIZONA REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY (NW MARICOPA CHAPTER): Doors open @ 6:pm, meeting at 6:30 pm., at the West Valley Republican office, 10050 W Bell Road, #50 in Sun City. Speaker Ray Malnar, long time PC, LD chair and currently serving on the Glendale City Council.  Contact: azra.president.nwmc@gmail.comJUNE 1 – DANGERS OF ESG: 6 pm . Silver Star Theater. Speaker Utah State Treasurer Marlo Oaks on The Arizona Federation of Republican Women, Region VI. $25 dinner. Will accept cash, check and card at the door but RSVP is required. RSVP deadline is May 28.
RSVP NOW – Here Pay Online with your credit card – Here

JUNE 2 – UR4AZ Southern Arizona Trump Campaign Kickoff: 4pm., UR4AZ Events Center, 210 W Continental Road #203 in Green Wally. Register at

JUNE 6 – ARIZONA REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY (NW MARICOPA CHAPTER): Doors open @ 6:pm, meeting at 6:30 pm., at the West Valley Republican office, 10050 W Bell Road, #50 in Sun City. Speaker Ray Malnar, long time PC, LD chair and currently serving on the Glendale City Council.  Contact:

JUNE 10 – WEST VALLEY REPUBLICANS CONSTITUTIONAL CAUCUS: 10 am at 10050 W. Bell Rd., Sun City. Speaker: Shane Krauser. Topic: Freedom, American Exceptionalism, & Defending Our Charters of Freedom.

JUNE 15 – HEIRS OF THE REPUBLIC: Tom Jenney, author of American Futures: 6:30pm at Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center, 10555 N La Cañada Dr., Tucson. Also former Amphitheater Governing School Board Republican candidate Mona Gibson. RSVP required. JUNE 15 RESERVATION

JUNE 17 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB meeting.  9 am., mtg; coffee & donuts/registration/social period/doors open 8:30am. Speaker – Dan Farley at the Fountain Hills Community Center.  Bring a friend or neighbor or two or three.  Free.  Visitors welcome.  Contact: Boe James,

JUNE 24 – PINAL COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE (PCRC) sponsors ‘THE POWER OF THE PC’ Lincoln Day Lunch. 11am to 3pm at The Views at Superstition, 6900 E US Hwy 60, Gold Canyon. Speakers are Congressman Andy Biggs, AZ GOP Chair Jeff DeWit,  and Shane Krauser – Constitutional expert. Purchase tickets ($75) or check out sponsorships at website: Contact person Belinda Rodriquez 602-882-8402 Website:

JUNE 24 – CONSERVATIVES FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. 11:15am at the Bible Baptist Church, 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Speaker – Rep Liz Harris.  ConCR is a group of conservative activists dedicated to restoring the principles and values of our representative government as set forth in the US Constitution.  Seating is limited so you must RSVP via email: Jim Dutton.

October 2023 Calendar

OCT 21 – FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB: annual Voter and Candidate Outreach picnic in Golden Eagle Park. Noon to 2:30 p.m.  All candidates are invited to the picnic since one of the purposes of the picnic is for members to meet the candidates and decide which candidates they want to volunteer for/support during the primary season.  Another purpose of the picnic is for the candidates to motivate members to get out the vote and to vote for them.   Contact Boe James,