Jan 272023

Republican State Committeemen/women are scheduled tomorrow to elect new leadership for the party. Let’s hope they vetted the candidates so they can elect the cream of the crop. We don’t need hot-headed, self-centered, egotistical, power-hungry control freaks who enjoy disrupting and bullying. We need strong, calm, hardworking, common-sense individuals who think and behave rationally. – ft

AZGOP Chairman candidate Jeff DeWit is hosting a Convention-Eve get-together for State Committeeman between 5:30-7pm., Jan 27 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Phoenix, 4415 N Paradise Village Parkway South. Complimentary snacks & refreshments provided. Special invited guests include Congressman Paul Gosar, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and more. Additional speakers to be added. RSVP via: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/525161972597

Congressman David Schweikert statement after being named the Chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight. “I am excited to serve as Chairman of the Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee for the 118th Congress,” said Schweikert. “As Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee responsible for overseeing the IRS, my top priority will be to serve as a voice for American taxpayers and advocate for common-sense reforms that put the American taxpayer first. Under my leadership, the Oversight Subcommittee will work with Medicare recipients and doctors to ensure that Medicare always puts patients and their physicians first.”

Monthly Constitution Class with Randy Miller, Director of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for Arizona will be held at 10am. Feb 4 in the Dede Wald classroom at the Cottonwood Public Library, 100 Sixth St, in Cottonwood Cottonwood. Open to the public.  No charge. Contact rose@sperrys4liberty.com or RedRockPatriot@protonmail.com

Get well wishes to Catherine Tunget, recently elected LD 3 First 1st Vice Chair, who has resigned. Carrie Cox, captain of the Rio Montana precinct, will temporarily fill the position. Nominations for the elected position must be filed by 5 pm, Thur, Feb. 16, in advance of the district’s Mar. 9 monthly meeting. Candidate filing forms are available from ld3nominations@gmail.com. Tunget, who was elected Dec. 1, cited health concerns as the reason for her resignation.

URGENT MESSAGE REGARDING: Pima County State Committeemen of Legislative District #19: As per The Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward: ‘Pima LD Chairs report their results to the county chairman and the county chairman reviews and assures elections were done properly then he/she sends qualified State Committeemen to the state party.’ The Legislative District #19 November 19, 2022 elected State Committeemen have been qualified and submitted by Chairman David Smith of the Pima County Republican Party as required, and the qualified State Committeemen called by The Republican Party of Arizona to the Statutory Meeting on January 28, 2023. Please refer to the list of the Elected State Committeemen that are required to attend the Statutory Meeting of The Republican Party of Arizona this coming Saturday January 28, 2022, in-person attendance is requested.  Meeting Call documents with agenda/maps/by-laws etc. can be found by clicking here https://azgop.com/2023-rpaz-statutory-meeting If you are an alternate, you are not required to attend unless contacted by LD leadership.  If you are an Elected State Committeemen (not an alternate) and unable to attend, please contact LD #19 Chairman Cheryl Caswell at cherylcaswell@msn.com or the LD#19 Pima Sub-Committee Chairman Eileen Wilson for assistance at eileensvisa@gmail.com. -submitted by Cheryl Caswell and Eileen Wilson.

PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR SCs. Attention Arizona State Committeemen: At the statutory meeting of the RPAZ on 1/28/23 there will be multiple occasions for voice votes. If the results of those votes are in doubt, a member of the committee may call for DIVISION. The motion can be made by one person, it does not require a second, and it is not debatable. I watched the Maricopa County meeting and it appeared that people did not clearly understand what a call for division meant leading to a lot of wasted time and energy. Please familiarize yourself with the term and realize what the procedure will be (per Robert’s Rules & our bylaws) following a call for DIVISION of the house. Divisions are used to give a more accurate estimate of a vote than a voice vote. Typically, a division is taken when the result of a voice vote is challenged. A division is also called a RISING vote, where members stand up from their seats. According to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), the numbers for and against are not counted in a division. However, they may be counted by order of the chairman or by order of the assembly through majority vote or requirement of the bylaws. Contact; Kelli Ward Chairwoman Republican Party of Arizona @KelliWardAZ 602-957-7770.

The Paradise Republican Women brunch will be held Sat., Feb 11 at Maggiano’s Little Italy, 16405 N Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, featuring Author Stacey Goodman, Rep Joseph Chaplick and Rhonda Smith from the Arizona Free Enterprise Club. $45 each. Register for Meeting and Brunch or web https://checkout.square.site/buy/YJVL64TMY65BTXEGCPFAFMFZ


Jeff DeWit, AZGOP Chair candidate: After a successful business career, I won the Republican primary and earn the votes of over 1 million Arizonans in the 2014 general election to be the State Treasurer of Arizona, where I fought for hard-working taxpayers and brought transparency and accountability to the finances of our state. I was then asked by Donald Trump to be the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of his entire campaign in 2016, and I served in those roles to deliver a win with less than half the money and one-eighth of the staff of the Clinton campaign. President Trump then asked me to serve in his Administration, so I joined him in DC for two years as the CFO of NASA, before returning to be his Chief Operating Officer on the 2020 Trump campaign. On the 2020 campaign, I oversaw a ground game that knocked on over a million doors a week, and in combining both campaigns I have overseen over $1 billion in campaign fundraising. I want to bring this expertise to Arizona to give us a fundraising, ground game, candidate recruitment, media training, and organizational leadership advantage over the Democrats. The Democrats are aiming to flip our state legislature blue in 2024, and they only need two seats in the state house and state senate to do it! This is such an important topic that I implore you to focus on it They are publicly saying that their top goal is to give Katie Hobbs a Dem majority in the state legislature so that she can implement her entire agenda. They will drastically raise income taxes, rip out school choice, and enact far-reaching gun laws, among other agenda items which will destroy our economy and the state as we know it. We must not let this happen! I have a very successful career, and people ask me why I would step away from that for two years to do this unpaid job. The reason is that we can’t have a 2024 election cycle where we lose our state legislature. We must have proven, successful leadership in our party right now. We can’t take any chances in this state chair election. If done right, we will expand our Republican lead in the state legislature, flip Sinema’s Senate seat red, and deliver Arizona for our Presidential nominee. I will raise money, register voters, and get out the vote to lead our state party to a successful 2024 election. I humbly ask for your vote for Chairman.

ROB CANTERBURY, AZGOP Sergeant-at-Arms candidate (Write-in): The vicious attack on Senator Rand Paul in his own front yard in 2017, the attack on Congressman Lee Zeldin on a stage by a man with a knife last July, reports of 2 teenagers being shot near Zeldin’s home in October, and even arguments and sometimes physical assaults by fellow Republicans at local LD meetings, has shown us the unpredictability in and around politics today. To counter that unpredictability and to ensure that order is maintained at AZGOP meetings and events, the safety of the AZGOP committee, their members and guests, the AZGOP Sergeant-at-Arms needs the experience to do just those things. I won’t bore you with listing my experience again, but I have served in Sergeant-at-Arms and similar positions for the last 25 years. I am not running for the AZGOP Sergeant-at-Arms just so I can keep my name relevant or just so I get to be a voting member, I am running because protecting people and maintaining order is my passion. In today’s era of politicians, candidates and sometimes their family members being threatened sometimes on a daily basis, they deserve to go to work every day confident that no harm will come to them. I am the most qualified candidate and I ask for your support and vote at the state meeting.

I also have about 1,300 campaign flyers that I hope to pass out prior to the meeting, if anyone is interested in helping, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at rec4mcbos@gmail.com. Thank you.


  • Would you relocate the RPAZ headquarters to more suitable quarters on or before the lease on the current Scottsdale headquarters expires this Fall?
  • Would you terminate the lease early? Would you relocate to an owned facility at the earliest possible date?.
  • Does Steve Daniels, AZGOP Chairman candidate, have ties to the Patriot PAC, financially or politically. Is he mentored by Jim O’Connor, Dan McCarthy or Brian Ference?

REMINDER: READER/WRITER OPINIONS ARE NOT NECESSARILY THOSE OF THE BRIEFS. Opinions expressed by readers are not Briefs statements. Word Limit is 300. No more two and three part commentaries. EXCESS VERBIAGE IS SUBJECT TO EDITING. Briefs will post candidate/campaign announcements. – ft

LORI URBAN, former RNC National Committeewoman: Proven, Honest, Hard-worker, Leader, Ground Game, Fundraiser. Those are all words we need to have for our next AZGOP Chairman.  Jeff DeWit knows how to win!  He knows how a statewide ground game wins. He knows how to fundraise so we have the money to help our candidates win. DeWit is worthy of our trust and vote!  DeWit will provide effective leadership that will unite Republicans.  He doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors – He relies on hard work. We need Jeff DeWit as AZGOP Chairman! I have been active in the AZ Republican party since the late 1980s.  Rarely do we have this opportunity to elect a proven leader like DeWit.  He will serve the Arizona Republican Party well. Vote for Jeff DeWit – AZGOP Chairman!

DAVE SMITH: I read with interest the 1-26-23 Briefs that I had somehow errored in the submission of the Pima County SC list to the AZGOP. Since no records had been left in the PCGOP office by the outgoing administration, I was unaware that Shelley Kais had previously submitted a list to the state.  The list I submitted was provided to me by the LD chairs, per state statute.  Any concerns about this list should be directed at the individual LD chairs.  The list I submitted was not altered or edited by me in any way.

FOUNTAIN HILLS COUNCILMAN ALLEN SKILLICORN states, “Tik Tok is time waster, socially destructive, and a security risk.” Fountain Hills has banned Tik Tok from all town owned devices and blocks the website within townhall. Challenges other cities and Governor Katie Hobbs to follow the example of Fountain Hills. “I’ve always said that highly productive people spend little or no time on social media. Most social media is a giant time waster in the workplace. The app Tik Tok is especially addicting and wasteful of time but has more troubling issues. Allowing a foreign spyware entity access to data, contacts, and personal information is especially troublesome in the public sector. Our town has a commitment to protect privacy and protect our residents from data mining like this, “stated Skillicorn. Skillicorn continued, “Now it’s time for other towns to follow our lead. The State Arizona needs to step up and ban Tik Tok from state owned devices too. Governor Hobbs, are you listening? Arizonans are at potential risk and you are silent on an issue you can lead with. Darn it, do something to protect your constituents.” Skillicorn took this issue to Fountain Hills Town Manager Grady Miller . The town manager agreed and acted administratively to ban Tik Tok from all town owned devices and block the site from town servers

CYNDI LOVE, former AZGOP Secretary: Do you know the Primary Roles of the AZGOP Chairman?   The major roles of the AZGOP chairman is fund-raising to implement a state party infrastructure, protect election integrity, equally support all of our Republican candidates, and win elections.We, all realized after Election 2022, our AZ Republican Party is on life-support and need intensive care.  We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines and barely survive; instead, we must thrive to defeat the Democratic Party.I advise each state committeeman to take your vote seriously, and elect a chairman who’s ready from day one to help save Arizona in 2024 .Jeff DeWit is a long- time Pro- Arizonan and Pro-America First Precinct, State  Committeeman and a top-level experienced leader.  Jeff is highly recognized, trusted and well respected statewide and nationally within our Republican party ranks .With all eyes on Arizona as the new swing state to watch, party disposition and perception is crucial to restore and enhance our public reputation and keep AZ Red in 2024. Vote Jeff Dewit as AZGOP Chairman based on his proven track record of success. I believe Jeff is our man with the plan to rebuild our AZGOP infrastructure on a rock-solid foundation that will last for many years. I think of Jeff as the solution specialist who can take a trouble operation and turn it into a super success.  In 2014, we elected Dewit as our AZ State Treasurer where he rebuilt our treasury infrastructure that is still producing millions of surplus dollars today.  Pesident Donald Trump tapped Jeff as his Chief Operating Officer and  Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Trump Campaigns twice; He also served as the CFO for NASA. DeWit is an expert money maker and manager who has been vetted and entrusted with millions and billions of dollars throughout his career.  He achieved his top level accomplishments by displaying his dynamic skill-set in organizational development, delegations, and dedicated team work. We can count on Jeff to do the same for our AZGOP  with  complete accuracy and transparency. There is no doubt in my mind that Jeff Dewitt is our grand opportunity to acquire an America First AZGOP Chairman.  He has the right resources, tools, and support our party needs to message, mobilize, and move our AZGOP forward to claim Victory in  2024.

DEBBY TRUDEAU, LD3 PC: What a wonderful thing it would be if all the energy and effort expended on behalf of those who denounce long-time conservative grassroots activists was actually used against leftist progressives. We might actually be able to win an election if we all displayed an honest and united coalition as a party.

MORGAN PERRY: I have egg on my face: while I reviewed the chat from the Zoom, I had relied on my recollection and others’ re: Pam Kirby’s spoken comments, which indeed did cite her “resignation” effective this 1/28. I must have been distracted with Zoom meeting management to have missed this real time. Video, should you care to review it, is at https://azld4gop.org/azgopcandidatezoom/

KENNETH R. BOWERS, JR: Governor Hobbs has proposed a Commission to Recommend Changes to the Arizona Prison System. The purpose of this posting on Frosty is to ask people who know me to write letters of recommendation to Governor Hobbs that I be considered for membership on this commission. I have 20-years experience as an officer with the Arizona Department of Corrections, and I am a member of the Arizona Bar Association. After retirement, I have been a candidate multiple times for the Arizona Legislature, in an effort to reform the prison system. There are many things wrong there, but my primary hope is to stop sending non-violent offenders to prison: these should pay restitution to their victims and a fine to the State. At present, we make young boys into bitter and angry men for life, in response to non-violent mistakes like car theft.

JANET DELEAR, LD4: I first met Steve Daniels at events he organized supporting our freedoms – (concerning masks and vaccine mandates). He predicted mask mandates – and predicted the masks were to test compliance for vaccine mandates.  I recall thinking at that time: “Really? No way can that happen here! This is America!” Steve saw what was coming and called it first. He also predicted stolen elections in 2020 and 2022. Daniels is the only AZGOP candidate who is consistently active in pressing for election integrity, parental rights, medical freedom and more.  No other candidate has been present or active in these issues – only words. Not action. If we Republicans want results. The others are all talk, no action.  Daniels has consistently proven his commitment to our constitutional and medical freedoms by action. He co-wrote bills (some passed – some were blocked-) and is the only AZGOP chair candidate  consistently active with our AZ legislators. He has attracted and inspired a team of a constitutional conservative activists who have stood with him for over 4 years. He is doing what the AZGOP SHOULD have been doing. I’d vote for Steve in any office he chose to run for.   www.electSteveDaniels.com. Yours in the quest to save our constitutional liberties,

PEGGY MCCLAIN, LD12: I have watched the maneuvering for AZGOP Chair.  In doing so, I have to say “I told you so” as I think back to 2018 when I left the Republican Party for PND. (I still vote Republican only.)  Fancy explanations of the top-down machinery and data bases some will bring to the Party confirm one of its biggest problems:  The Republican Party does not train activists who actually get things done.  I first met Steve Daniels at a Chandler School Board meeting in December, 2019.  He didn’t have to be there, but he knew the district was declining rapidly due its liberal agenda.  We met again at Open Arizona rallies that he helped organize in the Spring of 2020 when country club “Republican” Doug Ducey closed our state and pushed masks and clot shots to benefit his own bank account.  (See Arizona Governor Sits on Board of Group Doing Testing, Affiliate of Prospective Coronavirus Vaccine Maker – National File) In June, 2021 while other local GOP celebrities watched, \ Daniels was arrested at another Chandler school board meeting.  His effectiveness got him targeted and arrested on a false trespassing charge that was a clear violation of his First Amendment rights. He was forced to fight that for over a year until the City of Chandler declined to prosecute any further. Steve’s activism sparked the movement of parent participation at school board meetings that spread nationwide.  It also revealed the collusion of Chandler schools with Chandler police to target freedom-loving parents. Steve represented all of us who love our Constitution that night. I cannot vote on Saturday, but as an education activist I would vote for Steve Daniels if I could.  I look at an individual’s body of actual work in the trenches, and Steve does this day after day with no fear.

BRIAN REILLY: Responding to Jack Podplesky’s 1-25-23 Briefs letter. I always love it when a non-Christian proceeds to tell a professing Christian how Christians should act. No one has suggested that you can’t express your vile contempt for Kari Lake by writing she “is a snake” and “she needs to go crawl under a rock.” Have your ever met Kari Lake and read her campaign website? She has a plan for Arizona that will benefit the state and the people of Arizona. From an advertising standpoint, I was not enamored by Lake’s black outfit and her sledgehammer action. However, some loved the black outfit! I would have rather seen her in white instead of black. (The anarchist Antifa black outfitted rioters were still fresh in my mind.) I voiced my concerns about the ad and soon began putting out yard signs for Lake’s campaign. In Briefs, I wrote that Lake should consider asking Trump for his endorsement. Her campaign followed through and Lake became one of the strongest MAGA candidates in recent memory. What has impressed me about Kari Lake is she’s a fighter, loves the people of Arizona, loves America and she loves our Constitution. In my opinion, Kari Lake has enough evidence to reverse the fraudulent 2022, gubernatorial AZ election, assuming she can find an honest judge. Should Lake not be successful in reversing a corrupt election and the insertion of Katie Hobbs, by a corrupt election process, I would hope that Lake continues to fight alongside President Trump for restructured, clean elections. If not successful in reversing the 2022 election, I would love to see Lake as Trump’s VP in 2024! By the tone of your letters, I’m assuming you’re a RINO/Democrat trying to stir up hate and discontent. That does nothing to unify our fragmented AZ GOP!

JOANNE PIERCE: Seems to me, Steven Tyler Daniels Is the best person for the job of AZGOP Chairman. No more continuing on with what we’ve been doing. It isn’t working. We’ve got to change our strategy, put the constitution, first, clean up and secure our vote, and move forward with someone who has the courage to do things, right! It’s time for us to unite under aleader, worker, clearheaded, vote focused, strong, determined man, as Steve is.  He will bring us to huge successes while pulling us together! Best yet, he listens and actually hears us.

CARRIE SILVERS: We have a few days until the new Arizona GOP Chair is elected. For many years, I’ve been told to trust my instincts about people. Clergy, Jewish, and Christian have reinforced my instincts. I have researched, listened to, and watched the candidates running for the GOP Chair position. I have supported Steve Daniels from the start and still do. I trust my instincts. My instincts, I believe, are strong because of my faith. No question. Some of you have known me for a while and have stood along side fighting the shot mandates with thousands in our state and across the US. Steve was there too. Backing us up, fighting like hell. You trusted me then. It’s time again to trust me now. Daniels is the only candidate who consistently stands by his principles. He is truly loyal to Arizona. He is a man of his word and a gentleman. Do your research, and ask yourself, why am I voting for …? Trust your instinct,

MARIA BIRNBAUM, State Director at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America: Thanks for all you do!

RANDY MILLER, LD28: We meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Lydia’s La Canasta, 2023 W Wickenburg Way, AZ.  Meeting starts at 6:30, kitchen closes at 6;00 so get there early for food. Our next meeting is February 7th.  Jerry Sheridan, candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff will be there to address the group.  This is the most important county position in law enforcement, so having the right person is very important.  Be there to address your question and help get signatures. I support Jerry for sheriff and will do what I can to assist his election.

JOANNE PIERCE, State Committeeman: As Republicans, the reverence we have for our Founders seems second only to God. Now is the time to reflect on how tenatious and unwavering they were. Many looked at the Founders as brash, radical and far too aggressive. They were fearful and let an estimated 3% of the people fight for the whole. What did our Founders think of those advocating that we “reach across the pond” to the British? That we compromise? There can be no compromise when it comes to our freedom. I’ve heard one candidate after another say they would fight for us, for election integrity and for our God given rights. Only one of these candidates actually showed up to fight. That man was Steve Daniels .

If these elections were stolen from the Democrats, they would have been unrelenting and passed the most aggressive election integrity laws. Why didn’t our REPUBLICAN MAJORITY House and Senate do the same? People are leaving our party in droves because our leadership does not fight. We must give the ones we still have a reason to stay and the Independants who’ve left a reason to come back. Daniels has shown he’s up to the challenge. I implore you to ask yourselves who would you have been ….part of the 3% who fought for change and the very existence of our Republic or part of the 97% who were too afraid to fight the status quo of tyranny?

TAYLOR UTTERBACK: As Republicans the reverence we have for our Founders seems second only to God. Now is the time to reflect on how tenacious and unwavering they were. Many looked at the Founders as brash, radical and far too aggressive. They were fearful and let an estimated 3% of the people fight for the whole. What did our Founders think of those advocating that we “reach across the pond” to the British? That we compromise? There can be no compromise when it comes to our freedom. I’ve heard one candidate after another say they would fight for us, for election integrity and for our God given rights. Only one of these candidates actually SHOWED UP to fight. That man was Steve Daniels. If these elections were stolen from the Democrats, they would have been unrelenting and passed the most aggressive election integrity laws. Why didn’t our REPUBLICAN MAJORITY House and Senate do the same? People are leaving our party in droves because our leadership does not fight. We must give the ones we still have a reason to stay and the independents who’ve left a reason to come back. Steve Daniels is the only candidate who can do this. He is the only candidate who has shown he’s up to the challenge. I implore you to ask yourselves who would you have been ….part of the 3% who fought for change and the very existence of our Republic or part of the 97% who were too afraid to fight the status quo of tyranny

CARRIE SILVERS: In July of 2021, Healthcare organizations began implementing Vax mandates of all employees. I was actively involved with America’s Frontline Doctors for months prior to the mandates. We knew the mandates were coming. I had been in the fight for a month, working hard to organize and connect groups who were also fighting. I remember driving home from Tucson when I received a call from Steve. Steve offered to help. Steve helped me to make additional connections in Phoenix and here in Tucson. He brought people from different parts of the state, different walks of life together. I spoke at a meeting, my first. Steve was there. Supporting me, and everyone whose right to decide what to put into their body was threatened. Always there, always supporting our rights as American citizens. The best thing that I did for me and the many that were in the same situation was to listen to Steve. Our rights, our jobs, and our livelihoods were threatened. Steve had our backs, and thanks to Steve and his persistence, we have jobs.


January 2023 Calendar

JAN 27 – BLESSING BREAKFAST FOR FIRST RESPONDERS & ELECTED OFFICIALS at 8 am., at El Conquistador Resort, 10000 N. Oracle. Contact Paul Parisi at paul@4tucson.com  call 520-869-1679.

Registration begins at 8 am for Maricopa County and 8:30 am for all other counties. Meeting starts at 10am.
More info : https://azgop.com/2023-rpaz-statutory-meeting

JAN 31 – PIMA COUNTY REPUBLICAN CLUB hosts Retired Member CAP water board  member Pat Jacobs  11:30 am.,at the Kettle Restaurant  748 W Star Pass Blvd in Tucson..

February 2023 Calendar

Feb 4 – The Sun City West Republican Club: 9 am. at Church on the Green, 19051 R.H. Johnson Blvd (behind Walgreens). Social time is at 8:30 AM with coffee and pastry available. A $3 donation for the room rental. Speakers-AZ Corp Commissioner Jim O’Connor and his wife Sheryl. All Republicans and Independents from the Sun Cities and surrounding areas are welcome. www.scwrepublicans.com

FEB 6 – LONDON BRIDGE REPUBLICAN DINNER – 6 pm at Shugrues Bridgeview Room. 5pm Checkin. $25 cash/check at door. Speaker –Dan Delasantos, head of Kids on the River, a 7th grade youth program to educate on the machinations of the Colorado River. RSVP required by noon., Fri., Feb 3 to Pam Ford @ 928-486-4033.

FEB 6 – LINCOLN REPUBLICAN WOMEN: 5:30 pm., at Maggiao’s Little Italy, 16405 N Scottsdale Road in Scottdale. 6 pm – dinner. 6:40 pm panel discussion. $52 per person. RSVP by noon Feb 3 to LincolnRepWomen2@gmail.comor call Allison at (480) 628-2763. Panelist -LD3 Reps Joseph Chaplik and LD3 Rep Alex Kolodin, and LD4 Rep Matt Gress.

FEB 7 – CONSTITUTION TUESDAY: 6:30 pm. at Lydia’s La Canasta, 2023 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg with speaker Jerry Sheridan, Maricopa County Sheriff candidate. The kitchen closes at 6pm.. Sheridan’s website will be up soon at https://sheridan4sheriff2020.com/

FEB 7 – ARIZONA REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY (NW MARICOPA CHAPTER): 6:30 pm., in the West Valley Republican office, 10050 W Bell Road, #50 in Sun City.  Request to Speak Workshop, presented by the President of the Arizona Constables Assoc azraaz.org/maricopanw/

FEB 7 – QUEEN CREEK-SANTAN VALLEY REPUBLICAN WOMEN hosts Nick Adams, best-selling author and conservative motivational speaker. His non-profit organization ‘FLAG’ ( Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness), creates kid-friendly educational materials on the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Federalist Papers. San Tan Valley Government Center, 31505 N Schnepf Road, San Tan Valley at 5:30. Website https://qcstvrepublicanwomen.com/ Contact person Kaye Feller (805) 890-6766

FEB 8 – The Republican Liberty Caucus of Arizona for Liberty Lobby Day. Join them for a day at the legislature, making case for individua liberty, limited government, observing committee hearings and a floor session. Details tba. Join RLC at https://rlc.org/join-the-rlc

FEB 8 – LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP for Pro-Life Candidates: 4:30 pm on line. Free.Contact: https://leadershipinstitute.org/training/school.cfm?schoolID=59798

FEB 9 – AzFRW Dixie Belle River Cruise: 5 pm., London Bridge Resort English Village,1477 Queens Bay in Lake Havasu City. Boarding at 5:15pm with sail away at 5:45pm. Return to dock at 7:15pm for disembarkation. Appetizers provided with a no-host bar (cash/card). Wear winter clothes. $45 per ticket. Contact: Robyn Cushman, 3rdvp@azfrw.com or 602-989-2710

FEB 9–11 – ARIZONA FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN BOARD OF DIRECTORS STATE MEETING: London Bridge Resort, 1477 Queens Bay, Lake Havasu City.. RSVP by phone at 928-855-0888. Mention “AZ Federation of Republican Women”. Group Block Cut-Off Date: January 4th, 2023.


FEB 11 – LD19: 10 am., Continental Shopping Center, 210 W. Continental Rd in Green Valley. Agenda: Legislative updates from LD19 Sen David Gowan, LD19 Reps Gail Griffin and Lupe Diaz. LD19 meets regularly on 2nd Saturday monthly alternating locations between Benson & Green Valley, AZ. C ontact Chairman Cheryl Caswell at cherylcaswell@msn.com or website @ http://azld19republicans.com

FEB 13 – YAVAPAI REPUBLICAN MEN’S FORUM: 10:30 am.,at Prescott Vibes Events Center, 6200 Hwy 89, Prescott, AZ  86301. Speaker – Congressman Paul Gosar.  Lunch $30. RSVP before Wed., Feb 8th, 2023 to https://yrmf.org/luncheon-meetings or email: luncheon@yrmf.org or Call John Tanzi @ 928-776-8116.

FEB 17 – REPUBLICAN WOMEN OF WICKENBURG Presidents Day Dinner: 5 pm., at Wickenburg Ranch. Reserved Seating only.  Dinner Tickets $65 & VIP Seating $150. Speaker Congressman Eli Crane. VIP Guests Congressman Paul Gosar & Legislator Sonny Borelli. Live Auction to Benefit Scholarship Programs Purchase Tickets at www.RWOW.org

FEB 18 – MOHAVE COUNTY LINCOLN DAY DINNER: 5 pm. check in at London Bridge Resort Convention Center in Lake Havasu City. $100 per ticket. Speaker – Kari Lake. And Congressman David Schweikert. RSVP to Pam Ford at 928-486-4033

FEB 20 – 2023 AZGOP CANDIDATE SYMPOSIUM: in person, live stream and watch party event.  Limited to 100 State Committeemen.  More info at www.Grassroots50.com

FEB 21 – SUN CITY REPUBLICAN CLUB: 6 pm, meet and greet, 6:30 meeting at Sundial Recreation Center East Hall, 14801 N. 103rd Ave , Sun City, Speaker – Jeff Taylor addressing Arizona drug problems. Contact Suncitygopclub@gmail.com or 623-815-8557.

FEB 23 – ARIZONA CHAPTER BOARD OF JEWISH NATIONAL FUND breakfast, at the JW Marriot Desert Ridge. Free event with too nationally recognized speakers. To RSVP

FEB 24 – ASU REPUBLICANS UNITED will meet every Tuesday, at 6 pm.,. outside the Business Adm Blvd, 400 E Lemon St in Tempe.

FEB 26 – U OF A REPUBLICANS UNITED will met every Thur., at 6:30 pm., in the Mesquite Rm., 1303 E University Blvd in Tucson.