Jul 222021

Congrats to AZGOP Treasurer Bob Lettieri who has completed 18 months of testing and treatment at the Arizona Cancer Center.

Ron and Judy Bjorhus anxiously await the arrival of their grandchildren from Alaska. And the grandkids kids can’t wait to get here so they can hop in gram and gramps swimming pool.

US Senate candidate Mick McGuire was scheduled to speak to Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic (CONCR) on Sat., July 24. He has also been invited to speak at the Trump Rally in Phoenix that morning, so CONCR has changed its meeting from 11 am to 9 am at the Bible Bapist Church at 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Door will open at 8:45 am, according to Chairman Jim Dutton. Dutton can be reached at ConCR2018@gmail.com.

Talk show host Mike Broomhead invites you to join him at the inaugural Action Alliance volunteer activity between 3-6 pm., Fri., Aug 13 at St. Vincent DePaul, Phx Campus. Space is limited. register here.Be sure to mark the “Feed/Dining Room” option and select the Phoenix Dining Room| 1075 W. Jackson St., Phoenix, AZ 85007|3pm-6pm|Fridays location. Once you have completed the requested information, please include this copy in the comment box: KTAR/Broomhead’s Action Alliance Volunteer Event 8/13 so you can be grouped together. Some duties may include lifting, and you should be prepared to stand for long periods of time, bend, lift and carry.

The Estrella Conservative Club will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday July 28th, at Estrella Foothills High School, Media room 13033 Estrella Parkway, Goodyear AZ 85338. Social starts at 6:30 pm, and the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Our speakers will be Jana Jackson, candidate for House LD28, and Jay Willson from Fair Maps. Contact Chair Butch Kuentzler e.c.kuentzler2@gmail.com 717-495-2170

Newly elected LD15 officers are Chairman Joe Abrahamson, First Vice Chair Annabella Gomez, Second Vice Chair Valerie Grosso, Secretary Greg Westphal. As you may recall the complete LD15 board resigned earlier this year. See Speak Out below for more information.

Lincoln Republican Women will host Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb at their Mon., Aug 9 meeting at the Lakeside Ballroom, McCormick Scottsdale Resort, 7421 N Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale. 5 pm – registration. 5:30 pm cocktail reception. 6:15 pm dinner. Lamb will speak at 7 pm. $40 admission. RSVP by Aug 6 to RSVP and Tickets Contact LincolnRepWomen@gmail.com or call Julie at (480) 272-0511.

HEIRS OF THE REPUBLIC is hosting a 5 pm., Sept 8 fundraiser live concert and patriotic rally featuring Jonathan T. Gilliam and Dave Bray USA at Faith Community Church East, 8455 E Gold Links Road in Tucson. General admission $30. 6 pm VIP reception. VIP tickets $75, now available at www.HeirsoftheRepublic.com Sponsors contact Jeff Utsch at (520) 977-7946 or jeff@freedomexpoaz.com.

LD23 PC Arthur Cooper invites you to 7 pm., Thurs., July 29 meeting of the Arizona Caucus Committee to get informed about the committee that addresses the challenges Republicans face each contentious primary voting season. All Executive Committee members are welcome to attend. This committee is open to ALL who are respectful. We are in the research stages of the creation of this program and are accepting diverse viewpoints for its acceptance. The meeting is scheduled at Depcom, 9185 E Pima Center Parkway in Scottsdale. A Google Meet Viewing will be offered to those who request a link. Contact Cooper ArthurCooper61@hotmail.com. Additional meetings will be announced in the Briefs calendar at the end of summer.

Grassroots Tea Party Activists of Arizona is hosting Jess Mears, Americans for Prosperity grassroots trainer, at their 6:30 pm., Wed., July 28 meeting at iHOP, 4201 W Bell Road in Phoenix. Mears is flying in from Virginia to address what the rule is, the history of the rule and the reasons to maintain it. . Here is an online petition regarding the Call to Action for residents who want to make their voices heard: https://americansforprosperity.ivolunteers.com/ContactOfficials/Dont-End-the-Filibuster-Nation

Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt are co-leading a coalition of 26 states to protect Americans’ right to self-defense at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). The states filed an amicus brief in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Corlett, urging the justices to declare New York’s subjective-issue firearm license regime unconstitutional. “Law-abiding citizens should not require the consent of faceless bureaucrats to exercise their right to keep and bear arms,” said Brnovich. “New York cannot override the Second Amendment or the natural right of self-preservation. I will continue to vigorously protect Americans’ constitutional rights.” Brnovich and the coalition argue New York’s subjective–issue concealed carry permit laws harm public safety and are contrary to the original public meaning of the Second Amendment. Copy of brief here.

AZGOP Chairman Kelli Ward: The media is desperately attempting to bury and twist crucial points made by the Arizona Audit Team to the State Senate! Why are they so intent on hiding how your elections work? What are they so afraid of? And why are they giving Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs a free pass as she ignores her duty to ensure that our elections are secure? Despicable. RPAZ Daily Update 7-21-2021 – YouTube

Congressman Andy Biggs:

  1. Last week, my staff was honored to assist the Mesa Chamber and the community in giving away a car to a veteran family who’s previous SUV was stolen and totaled. I’m grateful for the sacrifices made by our military service members and their families every day.
  2. I was invited to speak at the CPAC event hosted in Dallas, Texas to share my passion for gun rights and to rally support in defense of them. Protecting our God-given Second Amendment rights is more important than ever. The right to bear arms is essential to the safety of all Americans.
  3. Along with 24 of my colleagues, I sent a letter to HHS Secretary Becerra calling for the rescission of the Biden Administration’s proposed rule to allow federal funds to go to programs that include abortion as a method of family planning .
  4. Bills Biggs co-signed last week:
  5. Letter to White House Counsel’s Office on the Biden Family’s Self-Dealing
  6. Letter Regarding Biden Administration’s Decision to Remand the Navigable Waters Protection Rule
  7. Letter to NSA Director Regarding Alleged Spying on Tucker Carlson
  8. Letter to Attorney General Garland and Acting Director of the ATF Regarding the ATF’s Proposed Rule Regarding the “Definition of ‘Frame and Receiver’ and Identification of Firearms”

READER/WRITER OPINIONS ARE NOT NECESSARILY THOSE OF THE BRIEFS. WORD LIMIT IS 300. EXCESS VERBIAGE IS SUBJECT TO EDITING. Briefs will post candidate announcements and events, but NOT endorsements. – ft

DANIEL MCCARTHY: In response to Ray Ihly’s commentary 7-21-21 Briefs Ray is the perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican Party. I will set somethings straight out of respect for Frosty and her wonderful audience.

  1. We need a legally recognized Arizona party. This will allow us to have the wonderful volunteers (many Patriots that were denied by the Republican Party) access to the adjudication rooms and the backrooms where the voter fraud is happening every election cycle. Only party leaders decide who has access to counting the votes. Think of the Patriot Party as an insurance plan. The state legislature must pass meaningful voting law changes i.e., The Patriot Party voter Bill: one day, one vote, on paper, in person — no machines. No mail-in ballots. I do not trust the state legislature to act on this so we need a Party…FACT.
  2. I would love and be humbled to serve Arizona as the Governor. Unfortunately voting is not real. Both parties’ leadership is completely corrupt and working together as a uni-party to create a professional wrestling atmosphere in politics (where the winners and losers are already picked). Unfortunately due to the complete communist take over of our healthcare system with COVID and medical tyranny being ushered in by both parties…we have no choice but to be “outside the box” now. As far as a run for governor for myself…I cannot run as a Republican, Independent or anything else officially right now in good conscience because I believe they are fixing voting. If the voting is fixed and the Patriot Party has enough party registrations by a certain point in 2022 I would consider running officially. Until then I will continue to just consider and conduct due diligence on a run for Governor.

I would rather being doing many other things than starting a new party or potentially running for governor as a true 2nd party candidate but right now people like Ray make that impossible. P.S. Thank you Randy Miller for defending my mother who literally gets attacked for being my mom.

SPEAKER PRO TEM VINCE LEACH: It was truly a historic session. Please see summary of what your Republican legislature accomplished in the 55th Legislative, 1st Regular Session. I am always happy to speak to any GOP group to go into further detail. Just let me know.

LD23 NANCY PLENCNER: Conservatives are experiencing a new and unexpected level of attack against our beliefs and values. It is in the form of popular novels written in the latest books by Daniel Silva and Lee Child. The similarities are startling, both attacks came towards the end of the books, smearing patriots, conservatives as Nazis and in some cases just out and out crazies. Silva’s book also clearly portrays our 45 President as a crazy, out of control threat to the world and what happened on January 6 an insurrection. In both cases these smears had not much to do with the plot of the book and arrived in the final chapters as though the authors had been paid to drop in these concoctions that did not fit the story line. Although not actually naming the President it was quite clear the man was Trump and the “good guy” was Biden. These authors have written dozens of books, entertaining and very successful, now they are smearing 75 million Americans labeling us as nuts, Nazis and zombies! Would suggest you let them know how you feel about this. And/or just don’t buy their books. Silva’s background; grew up, educated in California, went to work for UPI, spent many years at CNN doing Cross Fire and other left leaning programs. Childs similar, A Brit who immigrated to New York, spent years in TV Broadcasting/media wife is an environmentalist.

JACK PODPLESKY, AZ State Committeeman: I have one question for Kelly Ward. Do you remember the old saying “Elephants never forget?” and with the elephant the symbol of the Republican party I am sure I am not the only elephant state committeeman the hasn’t forgotten what took place in January. What makes what happened in January any different than what now appears to be commonplace in elections across the country? The democrat “Ok for me but not for thee” is ringing loud and clear. So my question to you is why the hypocrisy?

Gregory Benton, Republican for the republic : Thanks Frosty for all you do! We need a monument to free speech and a statue of you ! (I have gone snowbird in Oklahoma-85 degrees today). PS: it is so red here – unbelievable – CRT has been banned statewide in all K thru 12 schools.. And they are working on giving back all un-spent money to the people.And they don’t think much of Ducey or “nothing to see here” Brnovich. Both should apologize for their ignorance, decertify the results! If not, these RINO’s are commie stink! Shame on you Arizona

LD 13 CHAIRMAN SANDRA DOWLING: We have read the repeated and multiple requests for contributions to help fund the audit from Chairwoman Kelli Ward. However, before I send any money, I have several questions I hope Chairwoman Ward answers BEFORE I put the check in the mail.

  • What is your fundraising goal?
  • How much have you raised to date from in-state residents?
  • How much have you raised to date from out-of-state residents?
  • How much have you already donated to the audit?
  • Would you be willing to have a check presentation ceremony with Arizona donors invited when you present the last check to the audit team?

Jose Borrajero: On July 20, the PC’s of LD15 held an election to fill the vacancies created by the resignation of the previous executive board. That election was held in accordance with AZ statutes that prohibit the use of proxies to cast another person’s vote. These are the statutes involved:
— ARS 16-828: Allows the use of proxies, but is silent on their use to cast votes
— ARS 16-102: Prohibits the use of proxies to cast someone else’s vote
— ARS 16-191: All provisions of Title 16 apply to all elections in Arizona, which would include those under ARS16-828.

Attending in person 99, Attending by proxy 14, Total attendance 113
Eligible to vote 99, Total that voted 96, Results:
— Chairman: Joe Abrahamson 80, Linda Brickman 16
— First VC: Annabella Gomez 76, Bob Brickman 20
— Second VC: Valerie Grosso – uncontested
— Secretary: Monet Bacs – uncontested
— Treasurer: Greg Westphal – uncontested.

Kurt Neumann LD10 State Committeman: I would like to thank Senator Karen Fann for her leadership of the Arizona audit. Leadership is tough and not everyone is up to the job. When many in the State expressed skepticism about the 2020 electoral results, she understood the threat posed to the democratic process. The faith in fair elections is fundamental to the American tradition of peacefully transferring power. Allowing that belief to be undermined is toxic to good governance. While some of her colleagues studiously busied themselves with other tasks, Senator Fann decided the voters deserve more than glib assurances. She took on the tough job of leading a detailed audit of the votes. Congratulations to her and her team for persevering in the face of an unrelenting hostility from the Democrat Party and most in the media. How we got to the point where some want to shout down serious questions in lieu of pitching in and helping dispel the doubts does not speak well to the current state of politics. And what about the results of the audit? I for one really hope that the only discrepancies found are traced to process issues or human error. Since restoring faith in our electoral system was the paramount objective, I would call those results well worth the effort. Arizonians have plenty of issues to fight over but securely counting votes shouldn’t be on the list. And if the undesirable happens and the audit turns up indications of malfeasance, then State law enforcement and the legislators need to quickly involve themselves. The first to hold to account those that would sully the elections for political power, and the second to institute safeguards to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Let’s hope for the best, or be prepared to do the right thing if required.

ROBERT CANTERBURY : I attended my first PC meeting last night with LD-22. Had a great time, thanks to all the people that I met and thanks to my good friend Mitch Friedlander for introducing me to those people. Retired General Mick McGuire (US Senate Candidate), listening to you talk and feel your love, pride, and passion in our military and our country, The Greatest Country In The History Of The World, you brought tears to my eyes. It was nice to meet all of the great Americans and Patriots there. I will be working on getting my name out in my LD and around the Valley in the next few months and will consider a run for office in the 2024 cycle. Thank you for having me 22.

LD6 SENATOR WENDY ROGERS: The scandal of the messed up Maricopa County 2020 election has made national news, largely because of the audit we performed that showed the weaknesses. President Trump has noticed the good work we have done for election integrity! Our work has been noticed at the highest levels. Not only is Biden sending his dogs after us, but President Trump has weighed in with his support! I am thrilled the President- the REAL President- has noticed our work, but I was doubly thrilled he mentioned it twice more Friday! While I am honored the President referred to me as “highly respected”, I am still working hard to make sure the work product of the AUDIT is ALSO “highly respected”. We got to the truth. Now it’s time to make sure everyone else knows it! I move that Arizona should recall its Biden electors. Joe Biden may not have won this election. There are over 100,000 questionable votes in an election decided by just over 10,000! I agreed with President Trump that this election was fraudulent. Our Audit proves it. Our Soros-employee Secretary of State, and Biden, and the Left-wing media, are fighting this because they are scared. If the Dems ain’t cheating, they ain’t trying. Help Us Stop The Fraud!

BRIAN REILLY: The cat’s out of the bag. The Arizona 2020 election was apparently rife with fraud, according to the July 15, 2021 presentation by the Cyber Ninja’s hired by the AZ Senate to do a complete forensic audit of the 2020 Arizona Election. From a FOX 10 report on November 30, 2020 we find a news report about Secretary of State Katie Hobb certifying the 2020 election results. (1.) According to FOX news, Secretary of State Hobbs said: “All of these [fraud] allegations that have been swirling since Election Day itself.” “There have been no irregularities, as claimed. No voter fraud. Everything has been done according to state law. I think this is really just a fishing expedition and people grasping at straws again because they don’t like the results.” Fox news also reported: “Hobbs certified the results at a news conference alongside Governor Doug Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court Robert Brutinel.” It would appear that our Governor Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich and AZ Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Robert Brutinel witnessed the certification of an apparently criminal, fraudulent election, all while President Trump’s legal team was presenting evidence of election fraud to select members of the Arizona Legislature, which the certification team all apparently chose to ignore. They apparently witnessed the certification of the treasonous crime of the century and did nothing! Let’s not forget the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and their failure to cooperate with the auditors by following the court ordered subpoena to provide materials for the election audit. And one more person shouldn’t be forgotten. Yes, George Soro’s $2.1 million dollar puppet, Democrat Sheriff Paul Penzone. Anyone who had any part in this treason should resign from office and expect prosecution. (1.) Arizona Secretary of State certifies 2020 general election results (fox10phoenix.com)


July Calendar

6 pm., every Thursday. Green Valley Triple Play, 1570 W. Duval by Action – LEGION OF DEPLORABLES

Noon, Brown bag lunch. Headquarters 101 S. LaCanada, Suite 17 – Green Valley 520-777-7645 More on the Constitution: “The Administrative State Today”

9am-5 pm., Arizona Federal Theatre, 400 W Washington, Phoenix, hosted by Chad Kirk, featuring Donald Trump The event is first come, first serve. To register or get more information, visit the rally’s website here.

9 am., Sat., July 24 at the Bible Baptist Church located at 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Speaker – US Senate candidate Mick McGuire. ConCR is a group of conservative activists dedicated to restoring the principles and values of our representative government as set forth in the US Constitution. ConCR is a membership only organization however interested fellow conservatives are invited to attend as visitors. Seating is limited so you must RSVP via email: Jim Dutton at ConCR2018@gmail.com.

10am, July 24. Agenda – presentation of their legislative scorecard and recognizing Arizona’s top defenders of liberty this session. Speakers include Queen Creek Town Councilmember Leah Martineau, State Representative Jacqueline Parker, and State Senator Warren Petersen. Meeting is held at a private residence. Please email Secretary@RLC.org for the address.

11 am., Sat., at Lydia’s LaCanasta, 2023 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg with speaker Congressman Paul Gosar, who will give a legislative update and discuss pending congressional bills. Free. Open to the public. Contact Nohl Rosen at catprotector@panthertekit.com or 480-980-8541

5:15 social. 5:30 pm mtg. at the Adult Center of Prescott, 1280 E Rosser St B, in Prescott. Speaker – Brad Scott, an activist for fair taxes who has spoken to Congress numerous times on sales tax issues. Contact Alex Harris, president at president@ycrw.us

11 am, Headquarters 101 S. LaCanada, Suite 17 – Green Valley 520-777-7645 Target practice in the office using YOUR 9mm handgun, directed by Paul Fitch. Hone your skills with YOUR handgun. DO NOT BRING ANY AMMUNITION AT ALL TO THIS CLASS. Laser practice cartridge will be furnished.

Don’t miss the NFRW Program Committee’s next Bite Size Training, Tuesday, July 27, 1pm Eastern, via Zoom. Join NFRW Program Chair Karen Newton for tips on how to navigate and best enjoy the NFRW Convention. Get the Zoom link here: https://www.nfrw.org/drl-programs; NFRW (facebook)

7 PM., Wed., July 28 at Estrella Foothills High School, Media room, 13033 Estrella Parkway in Goodyear. Social at 6:30 pm. Speakers will be LD28 House candidate Jana Jackson and Jay Wilson of Fair Maps. Contact Chair Butch Kuentzler e.c.kuentzler2@gmail.com

11 am, Brown bag lunch. Headquarters 101 S. LaCanada, Suite 17 – Green Valley 520-777-7645 More on the Constitution: “Modern Conservatism and the Constitution”

11:30 am., Sat., July 31 at the Granite Creek Park Ramada in Prescott. Speaker – Journalist Raheem Kassam. Republican officials Congressmen Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, AZ House Rep Quang Nguyen and Judy Burges, AZ Sen President Karen Fann. Tickets – Liz Kennedy at lizkennedy4pvtc@gmail.com

August Calendar

5 pm check in. 6 pm mtg at Shugrue’s Bridgeview Room. $20 at the door Cash/Check. Speakers Congressman Paul Gosar and gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. RSVP to Amie Boggs @928-231-6805 by Noon, Sat., July 31.

5 pm., Wed., , Civic Center, 1440 W. Desert Hills Dr. To sign up to speak or for help in how you can write your testimony go to https://fairmapsarizona.org/how-to-write-effective-testimony/

6 pm. Speaker tba. coloradoriverteaparty@yahoo.com

5 pm., at The Kettle Restaurant (Tucson), 748 W Starr Pass Blvd. (22nd St exit and I-10). No Entry Fee. Contact: Roger Score at RogerDScore@Gmail.com

10am-3 pm., Sat., Aug 7 at Haulapai Mountain Park. Family activities, candidates, elected officials Tickets www.mohavecountygop.com

11 am., Mon., Aug 9th at Prescott Resort and Conference Center, 1500 Highway 69, Prescott, AZ 86301. Guest Speakers: LD1 Reps Quang Nguyen and Judy Burges will provide a brief summary of the 2021 Session Bills and accomplishments. Lunch $30. RSVP before Wed., Aug 4th, 2021 to https://yrmf.org/luncheon-meetings or email yrmf2020@gmail.com or Call John Tanzi @ 928-776-8116

6 pm., Lin Yougen will discuss the proper use of the American Flag. coloradoriverteaparty@yahoo.com

11am social, Noon – Buffet Lunch, at the Mazatzal Casino in Payson (Hwy 87 at MP 251). Speakers include Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar, Congressman Andy Biggs, and U.S. Senate candidate Jim Lamon. Tickets can be purchased at www.gilagop.com . Call Shirley 9928-951-6774 or Gary 928-478-8186.

5:15 pm social. 5:30 pm mtg. Don Nicholls, Yuma Mayor, will address the crisis at the border that has gone from bad to worse with a 900% increase in unaccompanied minors due to the Open Border Agenda. Contact Alex Harris, president president@ycrw.us

AUGUST 28 – Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic (ConCR)
11 am., Sat., Aug 28 at the Bible Baptist Church, 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Speaker – Secretary of State candidate Michelle Ugenti-Rita. ConCR is a group of conservative activists dedicated to restoring the principles and values of our representative government as set forth in the US Constitution. ConCR is a membership only organization however interested fellow conservatives are invited to attend as visitors. Seating is limited. RSVP required via email: ConCR2018@gmail.com.

September Calendar

Sun City West Republicans will not meet in July and Aug. They will resume Sept 4.

5 pm., live concert and patriotic rally featuring Jonathan T. Gilliam and Dave Bray USA at Faith Community Church East, 8455 E Gold Links Road in Tucson. General admission $30. 6 pm VIP reception. VIP tickets $75, now available at www.HeirsoftheRepublic.com Sponsors contact Jeff Utsch at (520) 977-7946 or jeff@freedomexpoaz.com.

11 am, Bible Baptist Church, 3490 N. Hwy. 89 in Chino Valley. Speaker – Shiry Sapar, Supt of Instruction candidate. ConCR is a group of conservative activists dedicated to restoring the principles and values of our representative government as set forth in the US Constitution. ConCR is a membership only organization however interested fellow conservatives are invited to attend as visitors. Limited seating, so you must RSVP via email: ConCR2018@gmail.com

5:15 pm social. 5:30 pm mtg. John Napper, Yavapai County Superior Court presiding judge, will talk about the court in Yavapai County. Contact Alex Harris, president at president@ycrw.us

October Calendar

OCT 2 – The Pinal County Republic Committee’s Victory 2022 luncheon
11 am., Oct 2 at the Harrah’s AK-O’Chin Casino, 15406 N Maricopa Rd in Maricopa, AZ. Speakers include Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, Congressman Andy Biggs, Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk, AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, RNC Committeeman Tyler Bowyer, and former AZ Senator Steve Smith. Single tickets – $75. Tables -$560. Purchases tickets at www.pinalcountygop.net Vendors, raffle prizes, candidate booths, silent auction and auction. Raffling a M&P 9 Shield EZ. Tickets $10 each or 3 for $20.

Sat., at Hilton El Conquistador Resort in Tucson. Details tba.