Oct 192020

imageAZGOP to Executive Board & Committee Members last night: While the Republican Party of Arizona remains fiercely engaged in its work to secure Republican victories in this election, we are also working to ensure the integrity of the impending Arizona redistricting process. We simply cannot allow what happened ten years ago with redistricting to happen again. As the selection of members of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC) will soon begin, we are paying particularly close attention to which individuals will represent Republicans and Independents on this critical commission that will decide the new congressional and legislative district lines for the next decade.

Presently, one of the ten candidates who is being considered to represent Republican interests on the AIRC is Mr. Jonathan Allred. Mr. Allred has long been antagonistic of conservative principles, having previously been a registered Democrat. Furthermore, there is evidence that in the past he has openly and publicly attacked our Republican President and Republican legislators as they take stands on issues in line with the Republican Party platform. To have a questionable representative occupying a Republican selection on the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission would put our interests in immediate peril. We cannot allow weak, much less antagonistic, Republicans to fill one of the most important positions in Arizona’s history. Personal and political bias can have a disproportionately high effect on the fate of Arizona’s state and federal districts and it goes without saying that we expect our Republican representation to be trusted, loyal, and exemplary. If he is seated, we are skeptical that Republicans will see fair and favorable outcomes from this Redistricting Commission.

We will be asking that our Republican legislative leadership immediately remove him from consideration as they proceed with selections for the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. Moving forward, we will continue to keep you updated on this process that is so critical to the fate of our great state and country. We can use your help by contacting your elected state legislators to express your interest in seeing strong conservative representation on the AIRC. If you have any questions or information to provide about the AIRC process or candidates being considered, please contact us immediately.– Republican Party of Arizona

imageThere are a lot of groups that would like nothing more than to see Mark Kelly flip the great state of Arizona blue this year. One of the most concerning, though, is actually a competitor to the very country Kelly wants to represent! The Chinese Communist Party is in the Democrat nominee’s corner this year, since he personally sought their investment in his business prior to his Senate run.  That’s right, the same regime that disregards freedom and human rights – and tried to OBSTRUCT our country’s COVID-19 research – backed Mark Kelly in the past, and we can bet is still supporting him to this day. It’s clear why China would love to have this “moderate” Democrat as our next Arizona Senator. His policies would ship all of our American jobs to them, and make the United States weaker and more chaotic with unchecked illegal immigration, the destruction of the nuclear family, and less support for our law enforcement. A Mark Kelly win is a win for China, not our American values. Pitch in now to stop this America Last Democrat from ruining our country before it’s too late!

Thank you to all the volunteers who went door to door distributing campaign literature and made phone calls/texting over the past few weeks. Make no mistake, it’s the grassroots volunteers who do the foot work and carry the load. Keep up the good work. We must win the Nov 3 elections. – ft

Karen Garrett is hosting a “Texting Party” between 4-6pm today and a “Debate Party” at 6 pm., Thurs., Oct 22. RSVP Garrett at 602-571-6020 or azgarret@gmail.com

imageUS Concealed Carry Association (UDCCA) and C2 Tactical of Scottsdale are hosting three FREE seminars tomorrow, Oct 20, to teach gun owners self-defense and gun laws. Register Here for one of the three sessions scheduled at 9am., 11:30am and 2:30pm at 7000 E Mayo Blvd. #1050 Phoenix, AZ 85054 tomorrow. Constitutionalist/firearms expert Alan Korwin urges Republican gun owners to attend a seminar. Korwin notes What you don’t know can hurt you. If you want or have a gun for protection, don’t wait until you need a lawyer to ask about your rights and responsibilities in a self-defense situation.

imageCongressman David Schwiekert: Too many businesses have been forced to close their doors and are still struggling to re-open. I joined my fellow colleagues on the House Entrepreneurship Caucus in hosting a zoom conference with local small business owners to discuss the barriers and vulnerabilities they are facing due to the ongoing pandemic. It was great to hear from other entrepreneurs across the country who utilized the Paycheck Protection Program, and from our very own, Lori Anna Harrison, Founder and President of DLP Marketing in Scottsdale, about how the program has helped her Arizona business. We must continue to support initiatives to help our businesses safely open their doors each day. I am urging my colleagues to re-open the funds still available in the Paycheck Protection Program for businesses who need additional resources to survive this pandemic.  It was a pleasure to meet with all of these entrepreneurs. To learn more about this entrepreneurship roundtable, click here.

Briefs is getting numerous calls asking for a list of conservative judges. For reference information try Judicial Performance Review Commission 2020 at https://www.azcourts.gov/jpr And https://seeingredaz.wordpress.com/2020/10/13/judging-the-judges-on-your-2020-ballot/

And then there is the three year old who finished his nightly prayers with, “God Bless Grandma and Grandpa… and President Trump!”

College Republicans United will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Oct 19 at 400 E Lemon St., Room: BAC116, in Tempe. No speaker scheduled. The Executive Board will discuss plans for future meetings and their November Executive Board elections. The new faculty advisor has been invited and may drop in on zoom during the meeting. Zoom link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/85861287390

The America First College Republican Coalition will be holding a zoom viewing party at 6 pm., Oct 22 for the Trump-Biden Presidential Debate. If you want to chat with like minded conservatives from across the nation this is for you. Zoom link tba.

imageDid you catch the Arizona Congressional District 1 debate between Republican Tiffany Shedd and Democrat Tom O’Halleran? Click here to watch the top 5 moments from the debate! O’Halleran votes 97% of the time with Nancy Pelosi, refuses to stand up for our police, and has held up much-needed relief for Arizona workers and businesses suffering from the impact of COVID-19.Share this clip with your friends and family by clicking on the buttons below and using the hashtag #AZ1Debate in your post: CLICK TO SHARE ON FACEBOOK       CLICK TO SHARE ON TWITTER     CLICK TO SHARE ON INSTAGRAM

imageLondon Bridge Republican Women will meet Nov 2 at the Shugrues Bridgeview Room 5:30pm checkin. 6:30pm. Dinner $18. Speaker – Police Chief Dan Doyle. RSVP to Amie Boggs at 928-231-6805. Contact Diana Huenerbein 928-505-2614.

Trump Friday will continue to meet at il Capo at 6 pm after the Nov 3 election. Contacts: Carolyn Leff at 480-586-0430 cleff99@gmail.com or Susan Wood at Samw1222@aol.com

imageLD11 Rep Mark Finchem says, The Make Arizona Safe Again PAC is raffling off a side of beef (grass fed, grain finished, angus steer ready in February) and a firearm for $100 per ticket. Checks may be made to MAKE ARIZONA SAFE AGAIN PAC and sent to the PAC at 7150 E Camelback RD, STE 444, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, ATTN: Randy Pullen. We only have two more weeks to make a difference.

Paradise Republican Women need 8-10 volunteers per day between 10 am-3 pm.,to text District 23 undecided and Republican women the District 23 Republican voter guide. Work any hours you can give at 14301 N 87th St. Suites 303 in Scottsdale (the corner of 87th/Raintree, near the intersection of Raintree/the 101. If interested in getting Republicans elected in Scottsdale, Maricopa County, the AZ State, and the Nation, t email Joanna Hagan at j.hagan@scnm.edu or call 480-206-8359.

imageThe “Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic” will meet with Congressman Paul Gosar at 11:15 am., Sat., Oct 31 at the VFW, 2375 N 5th St., in Prescott Valley. RSVP by Oct 28. Lunch can be ordered from the menu to help support the VFW. Visitors must be solid conservatives. Contact: Jim Dutton: concr2018@gmail.com

imageKathy Pearce, founder of AZ Heroes to Hometowns has been helping to feed and support our wounded heroes and their families for over 10 years. This is year she needs your help more than ever. Most funds are going to help COVID. The group is asking for grocery gift cards or monetary donation to 2020 Turkeys to Troops Program. Your donation helps to feed one or more families of Wounded Heroes, Families of Deployed, Gold Star Families, National Guard, Reserves, and returning Military Veterans. She said, “Too many struggle each day just to put food on the table, but Thanksgiving should NOT be one of those days.” Pearce needs 2,000 ($20.00 grocery gift cards) or monetary donations for a turkey or ham to complete Thanksgiving food boxes. Donate at www.AZHeroestoHometowns.org using PayPal or mailing your donation to:AZ Heroes to Hometowns, PO Box 31646, Mesa AZ 85275. Contact Pearce at Kathy@azheroestohometowns.org

Federal election results: U.S Senate and House HERE. Statewide Corporation Commission results: HERE. State Legislative results: HERE. Republican Party Platform: https://www.gop.com/platform/

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTS: Please include the group name, time, date, location and contact person phone/e-mail. I don’t have time to research your missing information. Also please send a head/shoulder photo of your speakers. 300 word limit. Thanks for your cooperation. Editor Frosty Taylor repcomm@cox.net

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Please remember the word limit is 300 words. Please send a head/shoulder photo the first time you write. Thanks for your cooperation. Editor Frosty Taylor repcomm@cox.net



imageTom Morrissey, Past Chairman AZ GOP: Since the day that then candidate Donald Trump came down the escalator what has been apparent to me is that what has happened is a Sleeping Tiger in America has been awakened.  An awakening that is not limited to a political party or a certain segment of our country.  This is a movement which has brought people from all perspectives to the point of realizing that if this country is to survive they must activate, and activate is what they have done. Yesterday, I was on my way home from Tempe to Payson when I went by an enormous Trump truck parade that had countless vehicles flying American and Trump flags.  I repeat, “American and Trump flags”.  In my life, I have never before witnessed such energy in such proportions.  Tens of thousands showing up at Trump rallies with only a day’s notice and personal knowledge of democrats voting for President Trump. So please take this to heart and let it be your motivation to be part of this effort with the realization that this is not just political activity but rather it is an uprising which in the end will return this country to The People and away from the Royal Establishment Elite.Please see Trump’s November surprise no one expects and pass it along to everyone you know. Get involved by talking with your neighbors about this Movement.

imageColorado River Tea Party chairman Gilbert Hernandez: On a marijuana issue 207 people seem to leave out that it can cause lung cancer, If you look at a water pipe or a hookah pipe the residue that is at the bottom of the glass bowl – I would believe it would look the same and your lungs. Why would Americans have to pay for the medical bills pot smokers? That’s my own personal take on this. Do people really think there are no pesticides sprayed stop insects from eating their crop. We already have a problem with the tobacco companies helping causing lung cancer.

imageLyle Tuttle, past chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee: WATCH: Courageous Priest Speaks The TRUTH About Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Take the time to watch this. https://anticatholicticket.com/archives/1510?fbclid=IwAR3_elKnT4BZDMGKVn2-DhvpPN7bvVB_7lUV-3mvE8s6kmK02PaUZYSki8I

Bermard Kirk: Subject: Unbelievable – Facebook’s Lead Executive on Election Policy Was Vice-President Joe Biden’s Advisor to Ukraine https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/10/17/unbelievable-facebooks-lead-executive-on-election-policy-was-vice-president-joe-bidens-advisor-to-ukraine/

imageScott Powelson: Do you want a Senator that hires people like this? Apology hell, Mark Kelly should have been fired immediately for this one. But what do you expect from someone that let his dog kill a helpless seal pup in Laguna Beach a few years ago.Please note the dog was not on the leash and the woman seems to be helpless and afraid of, purportedly, her dog. Kelley does nothing during the almost 4 minutes in the original video then comes into the camera with the leash and takes charge after the pup is dead. If it was her dog why did he have the leash? If it was her dog why was she so timid with her own dog? This video has been shortened from original which showed much more and gives Kelley a better look than the original but the questions are still answered by the leash and the timid nature of the woman with the dog and the way Kelley takes charge of the dog after the seal pup is dead. This is his dog. He proves that by the way he finally takes charge and the fact that he has the leash not the woman in the NAVY shirt. See mark-kelly-dog-attack-sea-lion-video-youtube/ and campaign-spox-for-dem-sen-candidate-mark-kelly-apologizes-for-tweet-calling-cops-worthless-f-ing-pigs

imageChris P P Brant: Why It is Most Important to Vote a Straight Republican Ticket? In 2018 many Republicans and Independents didn’t vote the straight Republican ticket. For those who don’t this time in November there are real ramifications. If one seat in the Arizona State House flips, the Democrats will vote to abolish the Electoral College, the masterful invention by our founders so that all states can have a voice in governing our nation. At the Maricopa County level, with Steve Richer, there is an opportunity to rid ourselves of the ultra-partisan, loose cannon, County Recorder Fontes. Maricopa Sheriff was obviously a big jump for former Phoenix Police Sergeant to take on; it’s time for a proven experienced leader with a background of 38years service, our own, Jerry Sheridan. Then to represent us in the US Congress do we really want a person who dresses up in scrubs as an ER Doctor for a commercial charade? Number 1: She still lives outside our district, way over in Glendale; Number 2: She no longer is allowed to serve in an ER after settling a serious malpractice lawsuit in 2007; Number 3: She wants us to support her extreme socialist agenda that includes trillions of dollars on the New Green Deal. Instead we can thank and reward David Schweikert, who diligently helped write the tax reform bill that returned our money to our bank accounts. On the surface Kelly is the all-American boy. What went wrong? It seems greed took over; putting his financial gains from his dealings with Communist China over his country’s national security, shameful! In the meantime, Martha McSally is tied for the most legislation passed by any Senator. Many bills support veterans and Arizonans too. Finally, please don’t forget all the reams of accomplishments President Trump achieved in the first 3½ years. The USA will open up again for further greatness.

imageLD24 PC Tristan Manos (Part 1): Sadly and tragically, it’s gone from Election Day (remember that?) to what’s essentially “Election Month.” Likewise, over time, forces work to institutionalize the phenomenon all the more. Anyone see one single statement at the Maricopa County Elections Department website homepage identifying Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 as Election Day? Once there, click on “Where Do I Vote?” The closest it gets is “All Vote Centers in the list below are open from 6am– 7pm on Election Day.” Although the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) is run by a 4-1 Republican margin, the supervisors’ official positions on some of the most important subject matter over which they presume to possess jurisdiction, especially as may relate to our God-given rights to essential Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the MCBOS is run like a 5-0 Democrat margin. A similar phenomenon goes on at the Office of the Arizona State Governor. As for the Arizona State Legislature… wait… what is that (supposed to be), again? What was that about a… constitutional… representative… right, just, and moral balance of power? To any politician and bureaucrat who may say (virtue signal) #InThisTogether as you run our cities, counties, and state #ByYourself, you project (vice signal) hypocrisy, ignorance, and arrogance. We The People at the Arizona Supreme Court? Go ahead and try, but first see if you’ve got standing. You may think, feel, believe, or imagine you’re essential, so you’ve got standing, God may say so, but “this is our government (NEW! Under Cover of COVID!), and they’re here to help.”

LD24 PC Tristan Manos (Part 2): Yes, I’m a Republican. Yes, I’m voting a straight Republican ballot on Election Day. Afterward, it will be time for both elected and re-elected Republicans to get back to (for some, keep) acting like real Republicans, real Americans, and real Creations of God. And, please, politicians (and bureaucrats) to whom it may concern: Save us from all your #ImSoProudOf (fill in the blank) moments from here on, alright? Pride just means you feel good about yourself (or feel good about feeling good about someone or something else). Your good and great words and actions (votes) will be self-evident. Make it so. Be humble. Be modest. If you’d like to get back to keeping it real, and start earning back some good faith and trust from We The People and We The PCs, take part in righteous personal and public reflection, regret, and contrition. What really matters is how God sees you. Although your fear of We The People is presently at a minimum (Sad!), here’s to hoping and praying, sooner than later (sooner as in Election Day +1), your fear of God ends up at a maximum, followed by your fear of We The People and We The PCs. This is to also respectfully, and strongly, encourage you visit the Arizona State Capitol, stand before the Liberty Bell replica, and touch it with your hand as you stare into the words and reflect upon the most solemn meaning of its most special inscription: “PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND UNTO ALL THE INHABITANTS THEREOF.” —Leviticus 25:10 (In the present context, that means #MaskDown and #MaskOff.) May God Bless (and Unmask) the United States of America with ongoing Divine Providence upon #TheAmericanWay #America1st #Americans1st #TheAmericanDreamForAmericans1st #MAGA #KAG Contact: tristanmanos3@gmail.com


Candidates speak out

imageLD6 Senate candidate Wendy Rogers: Remember how much the Left hates us. Remember that we fight for our very freedoms. It’s crunch time to defend our freedoms- and I will fight for them! If we lose, they will take our guns as they take our liberties. America as you know it will be unrecognizable. I don’t know why they hate us- only that they do. That’s what the Left does. Leftist “journalist” Keith Olbermann called for Trump supporters to be “prosecuted and convicted and removed from society”. Little does he know- we ARE society. This week Twitter- run by a Left-wing Socialist nut- went on a rampage. They suspended anyone who shared a New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s crack use and Ukraine connections. This included White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. McEnany is back on Twitter — but only after she deleted her link to a New York Post story critical of Hunter and Joe Biden. McEnany, whose personal account was locked by the Silicon Valley tech giant Wednesday, announced her return Thursday afternoon on that account. “I’M BACK and I will NOT be silenced!! Twitter’s goal was to silence me, but they won’t win! Looking forward to Jack being subpoenaed” by the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee, she wrote. “I appealed Twitter’s decision to lock my account for posting a news report from @NYPost — one of the largest papers in the nation. Twitter did not respond to my appeal but continued to lock me out until I deleted the news about @JoeBiden,” Ms. McEnany wrote. Twitter had deemed the article “unsafe” and said it violated its terms of service because it was based on supposedly pilfered documents — explanations conservatives spent all day Thursday ridiculing as flimsy and pretextual. McEnany was unapologetic. “All Twitter did was succeed in drawing more attention to the Biden corruption – well done! I will now tweet more about Biden than ever before. I’m FIRED UP!” she wrote.




Grassroots Tea Party Activist of Arizona will meet with Constitutional Conservative candidates at 6:30, Wed., Oct 21 at 17224 N. 43rd Ave, Suite 102 in Glendale. The candidates include LD20 House Rules Chair Anthony Kern, Recorder candidate Stephen Richer who wants to clear up the mess the Fontes administration is leaving behind, incumbent County Assessor Ed Cook, and Linda Busam and Rebecca Hill, Peoria School Board candidates. Contact facilitators Francine L Romesburg 602-499-9553 or David E Romesburg 602-499-6081.

October 22

Join the Quail Creek Republican Club for a “Night to Remember Under the Sonoran Stars” rally from 4-8 pm., Thurs., Oct 22 at Tay’s BBQ, 16461 So. Houghton Road, Corona De Tucson, AZ 85641. Tickets are $30 per person for a Oktoberfest dinner of chicken, brats, kraut, potato salad and a dessert and dancing. Beer compliments of the QCRC. Republican candidates for a final push are welcome. Purchase tickets HERE.

October 24

Barbara Blewster will speak to the Pachyderm meeting at noon., Sat., Oct 24 in the Prescott Golf & Country Club (1133 Old Chisholm Trail) in Dewey, according to spokeswoman Sue Goodchild. Subjects include a Republic vs a Democracy, preparing for the future, world order and more. Lunch $12 per person. Limited seating. RSVP deadline Oct 21 to Goodchild at suepachy@gmail.com or 928-636-7355

October 26

Author, Firearms Expert and Constitutionalist Alan Korwin will appear before the Tempe Republican Woman’s Club ZOOM meeting at 6pm, Mon., Oct 26 at Native Grill and Wings, 5030 E Ray Road in Phoenix. He will discuss Red Flag laws and Second Amendment Rights.

October 28

The Estrella Conservative Republican Club meets monthly on the 4th Wednesday at Estrella Foothills H.S 13033 Estrella Parkway in Goodyear. Their Oct 28 meeting speakers include CD4 candidate Daniel Wood, LD4 House candidate Joel John, LD4 Senate candidate Travis Angry and Corporation Commission incumbent Lea Marquez Peterson. Meet/Greet 6:30 pm. Meeting – 7 pm. Contact bonniejansson@reagan.com

October 31

The “Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic” will meet with Congressman Paul Gosar at 11:15 am., Sat., Oct 31 at the VFW, 2375 N 5th St., in Prescott Valley. RSVP by Oct 28. Lunch can be ordered from the menu to help support the VFW. Visitors must be solid conservatives. Contact: Jim Dutton: concr2018@gmail.com




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